The Simple Charcuterie Board Cracker Tips You Should Know

Charcuterie boards are never a bad idea. Whether you're heading out on a picnic, enjoying a wine tasting, or planning an epic tailgate party, these snack platters fit any occasion. Plus, they can be arranged to serve parties as small as two or as large as 10. As you begin to brainstorm how to organize your board and what foods you'd like to include, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. Ask yourself: how will all these different flavors and textures play off of one another? Because there are so many options out there, this is crucial to remember with the meats and cheeses. Fortunately, there are a few ways to help balance things out.

Per Siroh & Ivy, bread and crackers are the easiest way to offset the range of flavors from both the charcuterie board and your alcoholic drink of choice. For wine drinkers, McClain Cellars explains that crackers make for the perfect palate cleanser "due to their plain, neutral taste." So, it's advised to keep a stack of plain-flavored crackers (and room temperature water) on hand during wine tastings. If you dare to venture on the wild side and forgo the plain-flavored rule, here are some fun, flavorful ways to elevate your charcuterie board cracker game.

Crackers tie a charcuterie board together

As we've learned, plain-flavored crackers are the best choice for charcuterie boards and wine tastings because they help balance out all the other wonderful flavors your taste buds are experiencing. This simple tip doesn't mean your crackers have to be boring. Crackers come in all shapes, sizes, and textures, so be creative. Buttery and multigrain crackers are an easy way to spruce up your board while still following under the "plain" category (via Siroh & Ivy).

However, if you follow the mantra of "the more flavors, the merrier!" then you may want to experiment with wheat, herb flavored, fig and olive, oat, or "nut and dried fruit-studded" crackers (via The Manual and The Spruce Eats). If you decide to go this route, do some research. See what crackers go best with the types of meats and cheeses you plan on serving. For example, oat crackers compliment cheddar cheese and crackers infused with nuts and dried fruit taste best with goat cheese and Brie. To keep things well-balanced in terms of quantity, Home Made Simple recommends limiting your board to two bread and two cracker assortments. However, you can always skip the bread and double up on the crackers if that's your preference.