The Most Hilarious Special Requests Uber Eats Received In 2021

On occasion, Uber Eats gets some strange requests. According to USA Today, some have asked the food delivery service to play "Africa" by Toto when they delivered an order of doughnuts, while another specifically requested that the driver deconstruct their sandwich so that the customer could put it back together when it arrived. While these strange requests can make anyone chuckle, the most hilarious Uber Eats special requests of 2020 easily raise the bar.

In a statement sent to Mashed, the food delivery service shared their hand-picked list of funniest requests that drivers and restaurants received over the course of the year. The list starts with the gem, "I hope you're excited, because you're about to create a masterpiece. Place the extra granola at the bottom, followed by the base and the original toppings (please place all the extra toppings I ordered, that are duplicated in the original recipe, into a single, side container)."

But this order can't hold a candle to the second contender, reading, "Please make sure that there are a TON of mushrooms. Like I literally love mushrooms. Some reasonable people when they say extra cheese, they mean like maybe 50% more cheese. I am not a reasonable person. I like a sh*tload of mushrooms. Please. I love mushrooms."

Foodies with strange demands

The statement continues, with each request getting stranger and funnier. Another comment reads, "Oh ye, paragons of pastries craft, yon into hither box the reaping of your craft. Please hook me up with 10 maple bars or as close as you can (please no"filled" it's too much raw maple. I know, you're thinking "this guy needs to up his maple tolerance" and you're right, but I'm working on it, baby steps.) and then a couple glazed old fashioned as well. You guys are the real MVPs out here doin' the doughnut work, I'll raise a glass in your honor... then I will put the glass down and stuff my face with doughnuts like a.... fat guy... eating doughnuts."

Another comment philosophizes on life, saying, "According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible." Uber Eats saves the best request for last — "I just really need a phillips head screwdriver."