This Record-Breaking Guacamole Weighed As Much As An Elephant

Anyone who has ever wanted to add extra guacamole onto their food, knows it's going to cost extra. But for the most recent record-breaking containers of guacamole, there's definitely no shortage for those that were in attendance. In fact, they may not have been charged at all to get a taste of the massive servings of the delicious green dip. This astounding Guinness World Record for guacamole was achieved in 2013, according to Mental Floss

Apparently, 450 students in Tancitaro, Mexico, made a whopping 5,885.24 pounds of the avocado dip. That's almost a staggering three tons of guacamole. While that might sound like a pretty impressive amount, that's just scratching the surface. When the record was broken some five years later, the people who surpassed the 2013 record did so by more than 40%. Just imagine how many avocados had to be used to make either of these records happen.

This is the ultimate Guinness World Record

The record-crushing and current total of guacamole to beat was set on April 6, 2018, according to Guinness World Records. On that spring day, more than 350 people gathered together to make the enormous bowl of guacamole that would dominate over the previous 2013 record. For Tancítaro's 7th Annual Avocado Festival, the hundreds of participants made an incredible 8,351.11 pounds of guacamole.

To put all of this into perspective, the 2013 record of 5,885.24 pounds of guacamole equates to nearly three tons. The 2018 record of 8,351.11 pounds measures out to 4.18 tons of the dip. And according to Mental Floss, Asian elephants can weigh anywhere from 2.25 to 5.5 tons. That means both of the most recent world records for guacamole weigh as much as an Asian elephant. That is quite an impressive feat for anyone to meet with any variety of food.