Harry Potter Fans Will Love This New Le Creuset Collection

Let's face it, some days you probably wish you could wave a magic wand and have your dinner appear before you without having to spend all day in the kitchen. Now you actually can — sort of. According to People, Le Creuset has launched a new line of Harry Potter-inspired cookware, and it includes silicone spatulas that look exactly like the wands that Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Dumbledore use in the movies. You may not be able to cast spells with them, but they'll definitely be put to good use for all your potions and recipes.

In addition to the wand spatulas, the Harry Potter collection also includes Le Creuset's signature Dutch ovens, as well as several kitchen essentials such as stoneware plates based on the Hogwarts Houses, a mug set featuring the logos of different businesses in the wizarding world, and an embroidered pot holder featuring the Hogwarts crest. Other novelties include a kettle designed to look like the Hogwarts Express, a Hedwig-shaped pie vent, and a Voldemort-themed casserole dish complete with a lid handle shaped like the phoenix feather core wand.

Le Creuset's Harry Potter cookware is exclusively available at Williams Sonoma

As one of the most popular film franchises to ever exist, you can typically get Harry Potter merchandise pretty much anywhere. That's unfortunately not the case with Le Creuset's cookware collection, which is only available online and in-store through gourmet kitchen retailer Williams Sonoma. But the good news is, if you're looking to bring a little extra magic into your kitchen, Williams Sonoma is a one stop shop for all things Harry Potter. In addition to the new Le Creuset products, Williams Sonoma also sells all kinds of baking supplies and kitchen décor, edible goods like sandwich cookies and hot chocolate bombs, and they even have a Harry Potter Instant Pot. The store has been selling Harry Potter cookware since 2017 (via PopSugar) and has continued to expand their selection ever since. So whether you need a Gryffindor apron or a Hedwig cookie jar, no matter if you're a serious cook or someone who would much rather use an Instant Pot, Williams Sonoma has all muggles covered in the kitchen.