Costco's Plastic Wrap Is So Good, This Redditor's Massive Box Lasted 16 Years

Some household items are so reliable they deserve their own fan following, and that appears to be the case with Costco's plastic wrap. In a Costco subreddit called "Fulfilling Your Bulk Needs Since 1983," a redditor paid tribute to their orange-colored Kirkland-brand plastic food wrap box, which they say stayed by their side from grad school, through to law school, across three cities (San Diego, Washington D.C., and San Francisco), and into marriage and children. If you're wondering how long all that took, the answer is 16 years. And while the plastic wrap container appeared to be in good condition, the redditor pointed out that there was a small defect: "You may notice two sliders for tearing the wrap. At about eight years in, the original broke and I repurposed another one."

We don't have to guess the reason why this redditor decided to pay homage to their plastic wrap, because their post ends with a shoutout to the digital universe: "I wish Costco still sold these so that I could start another journey." (Fun fact — it does.)

It appears Costco's plastic wrap had significance for other users as well. Another redditor opened up to say they had purchased one after moving in with their now ex, and that "it ran out 10 years later, right as we were breaking up. The first thing I did when I moved out was go out and buy another one to start the next chapter in my life."

Costco's plastic wrap lasts so long users become attached to it

Another longtime Costco plastic wrap owner was equally devoted — but had concerns. "I have had the same box for at least nine years. Problem is when I pull out the plastic there [are] some kind of oily drops on the plastic," they wrote. "I have no idea where it came from. It's sticky when I touch the drops. I'm tempted to throw it out. Any ideas on what this oily sticky stuff is?"

Costco (or anyone who happens to work for the store) hasn't jumped on the thread yet, so we can only assume that the Kirkland-branded plastic wrap hasn't changed much in all the time the warehouse store has been selling it. The product is described as having "superior stretch to seal performance," has neither BPA nor Phthalates (via Costco) — two chemicals that have been linked to several diseases including asthma and diabetes (via Washington Department of Health) — and can go from freezer to microwave. But the most important contributor to its longevity is that it is 3,000-square-feet long.

If something stays with you for 16 years, we could understand that anyone would develop some level of attachment to it. So it's no surprise that a fourth redditor took to the thread to express some sympathy for the end to the 16-year relationship, writing, "I'm sorry for your loss. He was a good boy. I'm sure he's flying across that plastic wrap rainbow bridge in the sky."