Giada De Laurentiis' Favorite Fall Salad Is Perfect For Your Holiday Feast

As a chef and a TV personality, Giada De Laurentiis has plenty of useful cooking tips and recipes to inspire fans. According to Chatelaine, De Laurentiis likes to save extra pasta water to prepare sauces that do not require tomatoes. It's a good idea to save the pasta water, after all! Also, the chef is very relatable: She is comfortable using ready-made dough for homemade pizzas and does not insist on making it at home. Most of us can probably identify with that one. In addition, De Laurentiis likes experimenting a little with the shape of the dough and making pizza in cute shapes such as hearts. 

The chef has now come up with a fun recipe for fall and posted it on Instagram. It's a wholesome salad filled with lots of healthy ingredients. Her numerous fans are pretty excited about the dish and want to give it a shot.

A fall salad that looks delicious

Giada De Laurentiis' gift to her fans for fall? A gorgeous brussels sprouts, kale & pomegranate salad. The chef even posted a video clip of herself as she made the salad for her viewers in her dreamy home kitchen. 

"One of my absolute fav Fall salads & great for entertaining [because] you can make completely ahead of time," she wrote on Instagram. She prefers to put homemade croutons in her salad for a little crunch but thinks that the salad is quite customizable and can work well with other ingredients such as nuts.

A fan commented that they love the idea and are going to try making the salad at home. Another Instagram user commented, "I made it tonight as close as possible with what I had on hand. It's fabulous!!! Thank you!" Another fan said that the salad is absolutely perfect for winter.