How Padma Lakshmi Really Feels About Papa John Schnatter's Downfall

John "Papa John" Schnatter caused a massive controversy and had to step down as the CEO of Papa John's after he used a racial slur several years ago, per Bloomberg. Schnatter, who used the "deplorable" word during a recorded conference call, recently called his downfall a conspiratorial political plot, but some saw his departure from the pizza giant as inevitable. According to AV Club, Schnatter publicly complained about how the Affordable Care Act forced Papa John's to raise pizza prices by 14 cents, and caused a scandal in 2014 due to a sexual harassment suit. The former CEO has now tried to rebrand himself on TikTok — but not everyone's willing to overlook his transgressions.

Padma Lakshmi has a few choice thoughts regarding "Papa John" Schnatter and his personal downfall, which she shared on Twitter. In a recent tweet, Devin Leonard publicized his recent profile of Schnatter by asking, "Who's responsible for Papa John Schnatter's downfall? The 'progressive elite left'? The DNC?" Without missing a beat, Lakshmi jumped in and responded with, "I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Papa John." But she wasn't finished quite yet.

Padma Lakshmi didn't hold back

Padma Lakshmi didn't stop there and continued to share her thoughts in another reply. Her follow-up tweet contained a GIF that appears to be a clip from the Netflix show "I Think You Should Leave," which read, "We're All Trying To Find The Guy Who Did This." Fans loved her reaction to Bloomberg's "Papa John" Schnatter profile, replying with comments like, "GREAAAAATTTTT reference for this story. GREAT!" and "Excellent."

Fans shared Lakshmi's opinion regarding Schnatter. Replies like, "Did you read the article? It's tremendous. His house is like the lair of a hillbilly Bond villain," and, "Accountability for actions? Absurd!" mirror Lakshmi's feelings regarding the former CEO (via Twitter). But word's still out on what Schnatter, who describes himself like a martyr, plans to do next, per Bloomberg. In the meantime, the former chairman has allegedly tested 800 pizzas during the last 18 months and continues to paint himself as a victim of cancel culture, despite his $500 million net worth (via Celebrity Net Worth) and a wealth of assets. Next time you need a dose of reality, check Lakshmi's take on any given situation for a hilarious and down-to-earth viewpoint that can put any story into perspective.