TikTok Is Defending This Controversial Thanksgiving Side

Now that Halloween has come and gone, fall fanatics are already gearing up for the next big holiday of the season: Thanksgiving. From the festive and fun decorations and the midday naps to the football games galore, it's hard for other holidays to compete with the fourth Thursday of November — especially for all the homebodies out there (via USA Today). The best part? You never even have to leave your house if you don't want to. Not to mention, when it comes to food holidays, Thanksgiving takes the cake (or the turkey). From the homemade stuffing and pecan pie to the cranberry sauce and truckloads of gravy, the wide variety of dishes available at this feast of all feasts means there is truly something for everyone.

While turkey might be the main event of this mid-afternoon meal, let's be honest, Thanksgiving is all about the delicious and plentiful sides. Some people wait all year in anticipation of their first taste of mashed potatoes, buttery rolls, and crispy Brussels sprouts. While some side dishes are immediately gobbled up, others lie purposely forgotten in the corner, like dare we say it, the green bean casserole. But surprisingly, more people may be fans of this controversial side than you might think.

America is divided on the green bean casserole

According to an Instacart survey conducted by Harris Poll in 2019, 24% of responders revealed that their least favorite Thanksgiving food was the green bean casserole (via WCNC). To top that off, most of those survey responders stated that they only ate the vegetable-based side for the sake of tradition, and they didn't even really like the taste of it.

A TikTok user shared a similar sentiment in a recent, funny video posted on their channel. In the video, @thepurplebike shared a post written by another user, @iamyourgrace2, who wrote "People who bring green bean casseroles are asseroles." In response to the hilarious statement about the unpopular Thanksgiving side, @thepurplebike jokingly replied, "I love you so much."

Surprisingly, the video received an outpour of responses in the comment section defending green bean casseroles. Comments ranged from "Green bean casserole is why I show up at all" to "False. They are absolutely necessary to the feast." One user even went so far to say, "GBC is better and more essential than the actual turkey. I said what I said." Almost none of the users agreed with the statement expressed in the short video. Turns out, there may be a secret GBC fan club, after all!