GBBO Contestant Lizzie Acker Got This Tattoo In Response To Criticism

When contestants on the "Great British Bake Off" face hardship, they don't stay down. According to Insider, contestants knocked over each other's baked goods, fans bullied a Japanese Week finalist online, and many bakers struggled to whip up a proper batch of brownies. Despite the challenges, every contestant pulled through and gave it their all on the show. One particular contestant wanted to show the world that nothing could get them down, including a poor critique from Prue Leith.

Bustle reports that Lizzie Acker and Freya Cox recently got commemorative matching tattoos inspired by their time on "Great British Bake Off." In a recent TikTok post, the contestants showed off the tattoo process and revealed their matching whisk designs. Acker opted to have her tattoo feature the word "finesse" due to a scathing review she received from Leith. After presenting a caramel tart for a caramel challenge, Leith found Acker's baked good messy and commented that it lacked finesse. Fan's couldn't get enough of the tattoo, and responded to the TikTok video with replies like, "I am CRYING!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!" and "Love them! Enjoy watching you girls!"

A ton of love for the tattoo

Lizzie Acker also decided to show off the matching whisk tattoos on Instagram. Her post featured the identical whisk designs with the caption, "My finesse whisk tattoo and @freyacox_ gbbo tattoo. Really special as my sister done them (an before you ask her whole tattoo set up is vegan)." Fans loved the team-up and replied with, "Can we get a Lizzie/Freya spin-off? A cooking show with plenty of antics & adventure. Or just antics & adventure," and "Thank you so much for sharing with us! What a pair! You two are amazing and we need to see a show with you two!!!"

Nothing builds camaraderie quite like baking in the tent and facing off against Leith and Paul Hollywood. When these contestants have to face the biggest baking struggles, it only seems natural that some of them would bond and share their experience with a tattoo that commemorated a particularly difficult struggle. Keep your eyes peeled for more instances of contestants rising above, and with any luck, you might just see even more amazing body art inspired by baking challenges.