Costco Shoppers Are Pumped For Its Returning Holiday Peppermint Bark

As the temperatures continue to drop, shoppers have something special to look forward to. According to Taste of Home, Starbucks patrons can look forward to seasonal drinks like the Chestnut Praline Latte or an Irish Cream Cold Brew, while Polar Seltzer has rolled out festive flavors like Upside Down Plum and Cranberry Bramble (via MassLive). While these items can perk up some ears, nothing comes close to the return of one Costco staple that reigns as a true representation of the winter holidays.

Fans have enjoyed the warehouse store's peppermint bark for years. Costcuisine applauded the candy's attractive look and mentioned that it lived up to flavor expectations. The signature minty treat has once again returned to Costco shelves and shoppers have started to rejoice. Instagrammer @costcohotfinds noted the bark's return on a recent shopping trip and had to snap a picture of the find. They captioned the photo with a comment reading, "I waited ALL year for the Peppermint Bark to come back to the Costco Bakery!!! It's the BEST!!! Made with Belgian Chocolate and All Natural Peppermint. I'm so happy." Fans concurred with the sentiment and couldn't wait to share their excitement.

The return of a classic Costco candy

Shoppers loved the fact that the peppermint bark has finally made it back to Costco. The Instagram post got subsequently flooded with glowing responses like, "Found some today in Ohio!!! Definitely grabbed 2 containers," and "add this to the shopping list lol. Guess we're going to the US." Others just simply shared their impressions, like, "So yummy!" and "One of my favorite."

If you count this product as a must-have for the season, make sure to check your local Costco soon. @costcohotfinds found their local Costco sold the candy for $9.99 per container, but this price might differ depending on where you live. If you have never tasted peppermint bark before, make this year special and pick up a container for yourself to see if it lives up to the hype. With any luck, you might just discover one of your favorite seasonal products that deserves to make an appearance during your holiday celebrations this year.