This Egg Company's New Ad Campaign Photos Were Taken By Hens

What's one way to ensure that you're reaching out to your customers and sending a powerful message at the same time? Coming up with an innovative ad campaign, of course. An egg company called Vital Farms has just worked on a new marketing promotion called "Hens Behind The Lens" that gives consumers a chance to take a closer look at what life is really like for hens (via Fast Company).

"We wanted to create a new campaign that reinforces the honesty and transparency we live by as a brand in a way we haven't done before," explained Heather Mace, Vital Farms senior brand manager. "'Hens Behind the Lens' is our first out-of-home campaign and a true one-of-a-kind storytelling experience told by the girls themselves." So, how did their team go about achieving this? Well, they turned to custom-built hen cameras to get the job done. The results are impressive and fascinating, to say the least.

It's a unique poultry campaign

According to Fast Company, "Hens Behind The Lens" was made with the help of an advertising company called Preacher. They installed a "custom-built, hen-friendly" camera right into a pasture where hens would go about their routines and lay eggs. Here's where things get really interesting — the hens could either step on or peck the camera's pressure-sensor platform, which would lead to the shutter going off and create black-and-white photos that were full of variety and included scenes from the pasture.

Vital Farms intends to use these images for a national advertising campaign that will be rolled out online, as well as offline. What's more, there will also be a coffee-table book available with the pictures. As per Heather Mace from Vital Farms, this is a great way to bond with their customers and give them a glimpse into the brand's goals. "We wanted to show a day in the life of our girls on grass from their firsthand point of view," she explained. Well, it certainly appears that they've done just that.