Burger King Has Good News For Fans Of Its Italian Chicken Sandwich

If you've never heard of Burger King — and that'd probably be pretty rare considering how popular the fast food chain is, but let's imagine — it'd be a pretty safe guess to claim the restaurant is known for its burgers. And, of course, you'd be right. However, Burger King has also rolled out some non-beef options over the years that have been extremely well-received by fans. And now, one of them is making its way back into stores across the country.

In a recent report, ChewBoom revealed the fan-favorite Italian Original Chicken sandwich is returning to Burger King restaurants for a limited time. As the outlet explained, the item features a lightly breaded long white meat chicken patty, topped with a couple of slices of mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce between slices of a sesame seed bun. If you can't wait to get one of these delicious sandwiches back in your grasp, keep reading for all the details, including when it's hitting stores.

The Burger King item has been a limited-time favorite for years

According to ChewBoom, the Italian Original Chicken sandwich will begin debuting in stores on November 8 and reach nationwide availability by November 14. But, as the outlet also stated, there have been rumors that certain locations will actually start offering the item before it's official launch. In fact, one YouTube reviewer, Ian from Peep This Out!, was able to try the sandwich early at a location in Southern California and shared a video reviewing the product. "The marinara is pretty nice on this and that tang and tartness is on point," he said in the video.

The sandwich has been on and off the menu dating as far back as 2014, and it's always a welcome addition back to the chain (via Brand Eating). And, per ChewBoom, it will cost you $5.89 for just the sandwich or $7 for the meal. Make sure to hit up your local Burger King in the coming weeks to taste the meal yourself.