The Truth About Sonic's Pink Lady Drink

Whether it be the animal-style fries at In-N-Out Burger or the nachos at Chipotle, there are some secret menu items that are, well, not so much of a secret anymore. Such is the case with the Pink Lady drink from Sonic. According to Fast Food Menu Prices, the Pink Lady drink consists of Sprite, cherry juice, and vanilla cream, and, just as the name suggests, the combination of ingredients creates a bright pink color that's almost too pretty to drink. 

The Pink Lady drink has become such a popular offering at Sonic that you can typically ask for it by name. However, even if the employee you approach has no idea what you're referring to, the drink is still simple to order. According to a video being shared across TikTok, just order a sprite with a milk base and a shot of cherry. Those who have tried the drink commented that it's the perfect amount of sweet, fruity, and refreshing, comparing the flavor to a cream soda, but better.

Sonic's Pink Lady drink used to be on the menu

The Pink Lady drink is technically a secret menu item now, but Fast Food Menu Prices explains that most employees know how to make it because it was an actual drink offered at Sonic. The drink has been officially discontinued, but Sonic still carries the ingredients for the recipe, making it possible for customers to continue ordering it.

Regardless of its status on the menu, Pink Lady drinks can be customized in any way. In another viral TikTok, @mr.kelch, a self-identified Sonic employee, makes Pink Lady drinks with a slightly different pink concoction, one that includes a pump of strawberry syrup and a pump of raspberry syrup instead of a shot of cherry. And, this TikToker's version of the Pink Lady uses lemonade instead of vanilla cream, so it's more tart than creamy. It's all a matter of preference. The Pink Lady drink may no longer be Sonic's best kept secret, but judging by its popularity, customers can't get enough of it.