Why Shoppers Love Costco's Broccoli For Busy Nights

As a brand, Costco has a little something for everyone. It caters to all kinds of consumers and has varied products that are suitable for shoppers with different eating preferences. Fresh produce is a popular section, of course. According to Eat This, Not That!, some of the best produce options at the store include potatoes, bell peppers, apples, organic carrots, and garlic. 

Redditors are currently raving about fresh broccoli purchased from the store. A Reddit user expressed their love for the item and wrote, "Costco Broccoli has become my go-to 'I don't feel like cooking' item." They listed its numerous advantages: It's already chopped beforehand, it's affordable, and can work really well as a side-dish with that classic Costco rotisserie chicken. Want to make your broccoli taste better? No problem! Pop it into the oven with a bit of cheese or garlic for excellent results. Delicious and — even better — so easy to make.

Redditors are in love with broccoli

A quick look at the Reddit thread indicates that many Costco shoppers enjoy relying on broccoli for a delicious meal on hectic nights. One commented, "this tossed with a little oil before going in the oven is probably my all time go-to. Glad others have found the way." Another Reddit user mentioned that a classic combination such as salt, pepper, sesame oil, and broccoli never lets them down.

Another Costco fan said that the frozen broccoli at Costco is their favorite and can be cooked in an oven or even an air fryer. Bonus tip: You don't need to devote extra time to thawing; you can simply follow the instructions listed for ovens and microwaves. Another Redditor reported that their children are big fans of the broccoli and can polish off a bowl in one sitting. Their method is simple but effective: "We eat garlic broccoli as an afternoon snack regularly. Just micro chopped garlic and some butter or oil or a mix and steam or heat the broccoli," they said.