Taco Bell's Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito Is Turning Heads

Four days ago, a sign displaying the return of Taco Bell's Grilled Cheese Burritos was leaked on the Taco Bell subreddit. On November 9, Chew Boom received confirmation that Taco Bell is not just bringing back the concept of grilled cheese burritos; they're doubling those grilled cheese burritos into Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burritos.

The burrito is very much what the name suggests. It has a double portion of the brand's steak — double that of a steak quesadilla, not a grilled cheese burrito. The burrito is also bursting with a double serving of rice, red tortilla strips, chipotle sauce, nacho cheese sauce, and reduced-fat sour cream. Then there is a three-cheese blend within and cheese grilled to the outside of the soft tortilla.

The meal is a feast in itself and has 920 calories to prove it. A regular Seasoned Beef Grilled Cheese Burrito, which is also returning, has a slightly smaller calorie count of 720. The Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito officially launches on November 11, but anyone who is a Taco Bell Rewards member can get one on either November 9 or 10 via the app.

Positivity blows over any lingering reservations

Obviously, when Taco Bell announced the return of the Grilled Cheese Burrito and the debut of the Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito, they were hoping to inspire a positive response from the fans of their menu. And, in fairness, the reaction on Facebook was almost overwhelmingly positive. Sure, there were a few people still pining for the now long gone Mexican Pizza, but over 2,000 people have left positive reactions, tagged their friends, and left cheerful remarks.

In the subreddit where the news first leaked, though, people were less impressed on the whole. Most thoughts were about how greasy the product was when they had it before. "I thought the previous grilled cheese burritos were really underwhelming," one wrote. "I couldn't taste the cheese and it just made it incredibly greasy." Another agree, saying, "Honestly, I really liked the burrito part of it but hated the cheese part. Super greasy." 

However, barely anyone came out against the concept or the taste of the grilled cheese burrito itself and a few were still offering comments like "I need this." Taco Bell seems set for another success.