The Surprising Medicinal Flavors Voodoo Doughnut Once Sold

For donut connoisseurs, Voodoo Doughnut ranks high on the bucket list. Although the Portland-based chain is perhaps best known for its chocolate-covered, raspberry jelly-filled voodoo doll donut (complete with a pretzel stake through the heart), this is far from being the only treat they serve.

Food & Wine included Voodoo Doughnut on its list of best donuts in the U.S., offering praise for the "wacky flavors and unexpected toppings." One such wacky donut is the Bacon Maple Bar, another popular favorite. And honestly, this one's pretty tame next to the rest of the donuts.

Other out-of-the-box creations over the years have included toppings of Captain Crunch cereal, grape dust, and Fruit Loops, according to Insider. These might seem pretty out-there, but they're still nothing compared to some of the more risque donuts Voodoo has produced in recent years. For instance, there was the Maple Blazer Blunt donut the chain posted on Instagram. And this is only the tip of the metaphorical iceberg. 

VooDoo Doughnut allegedly put actual medicine in some of their flavors at one point

If you thought the grape dust donut was weird, hold on to your hat. According to Fast Company, at one time Voodoo Doughnuts had some sickly sweet treats that would, well, make you feel less sick (in theory, that is).

One of these medicinal donuts was actually dipped in Pepto Bismol (yes, you read that correctly) and sprinkled with Tums. These were supposedly geared toward the late night crowd who needed a pick-me-up after drinking. Another donut was apparently laced with NyQuil. Fortunately, the FDA quickly put a stop to production of these flavors, according to the "Today" show.

A reviewer on TripAdvisor commented on another donut being dusted with crushed Tylenol, though this flavor goes unmentioned by other sources. With many states legalizing marijuana beyond solely medicinal use, it's likely we could see a weed donut eventually, too. In any case, if you're looking for a really weird donut, you should probably give Voodoo Doughnut a visit.