Costco Shoppers Can't Wait To Get Their Hands On These Blinged Out Cookie Kits

Some traditions seem as old as time itself, and one of the oldest in the book is decorating cookies, especially around the holidays. Fearless Fresh details that cookies first became a Christmas staple in 1500s Europe. Though gingerbread was formerly only to be made by specific craftsmen, these standards were relaxed during the holidays so everyone could make the treat at home. According to the History Channel, cookies were somewhat of a delicacy in medieval times, owing to the high price of their ingredients, such as sugar and butter.

Centuries later in 1800s Pennsylvania, children began making cut-out cookies shaped like people. And today, the love for these treats has not changed a bit. If you don't feel like decorating cookies completely from scratch this year, however, you can always buy a cookie kit that does a little bit of the work for you. Just grab one from Costco, which already has shoppers flocking to the warehouse with its Bakery Bling-brand "designer cookie kit," per @costco_doesitagain on Instagram.

Christmas cookies just got a lot more sparkly

According to Bakery Bling's YouTube page, the brand's dinosaur and unicorn cookie kit has been around and exclusively available at Costco since at least July of 2021. In addition to the pre-baked cookie shapes, the package includes white icing and colorful, shimmery sugar for decorating. As exemplified by the craze for unicorn cakes, the horned creatures have become somewhat of a food trend in recent years, and Costco's cookie twist on the fad seems to deliver the fun.

Fan account @costco_doesitagain's Instagram post about the kit is quickly garnering praise from fans, including notes like, "This is so cool!" and, "we have to find them! The boys can do the Dino's and girls can do unicorn." The account notes that the kit runs for $9.49 and includes 16 cookies. If the social media reactions are any indication (and you like pretty cookies), then this kit is probably for you, too.