This Is The Busiest Arby's Restaurant In The U.S.

Everyone has seen Arby's advertisements over the years, from its "I'm thinkin' Arby's" tagline to its "We have the meats!" catchphrase. The fast-food chain specializes in sandwiches. Anyone who has seen an Arby's commercial has likely heard of its popular slow-roasted beef. But they also sell shakes, fries, and chicken tenders, among other menu items. Still, there have been plenty of memes about how people around the country have no idea who actually visits Arby's. Some have even launched Reddit threads with the hope of finding out who these mysterious Arby's customers are.

Contrary to popular belief, people actually do eat at Arby's. According to QSR Magazine, Arby's ranks as the no. 15 fast-food restaurant chain in the United States, ranking ahead of other well-known spots such as Popeye's and Dairy Queen. The ranking was based on systemwide sales, a total number of locations, and other factors. And there is one Arby's location that takes the cake in terms of popularity, selling nearly 1,000 entrees per day.

A Pennsylvania Arby's has more sales than any other location

It turns out the biggest-selling Arby's location is in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. It seems that this town's roughly 14,000 residents constantly have a yearning for fast-food roast beef (not that we're hating on it.) Located just outside the state capital of Harrisburg, Ephrata's Arby's is hard at work serving its loyal customers. According to Thrillist, as of 2015, this location was serving up 913 entrees daily, along with 300 mozzarella sticks and 30 turnovers. Plus, the store sells roughly 100 shakes and curly fries daily. Per the Arby's website, there are at least a dozen Arby's locations in the greater Harrisburg area, only adding to the intrigue of why this specific location is so popular.

Still, Pennsylvania does not boast the most Arby's locations. Thrillist reports that this accolade belongs to Ohio, with 268 locations as of 2015. It comes as no surprise, given that the first-ever Arby's opened up shop in Boardman, Ohio, back in 1964, as per Nav.