This Is Curtis Stone's Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, it's hard to focus on anything but the anticipation leading up to the big day. From the festive decorations and the truckloads of football, to the mid-day naps and day drinking, there's a reason that Thanksgiving is everyone's fall-favorite holiday (via USA Today). Whether you see your family all the time or just a few times a year, there's nothing better than spending a day focusing on inclusivity, thankfulness, and, of course, a plethora or delicious mains and tasty sides.

People across the nation can practically taste the fall-flavored foods they have been waiting all year to gobble up, including mashed potatoes, homemade stuffing, and of course, roast turkey. While there's something so comforting about the traditional foods that you get to indulge in year after year, everyone has a particular Thanksgiving dish that stands out above the rest — including famous people. Shockingly, even A-list celebrities manage to find time in their busy schedules to celebrate the food holiday of the year. Parade sat down with some of your favorite stars to ask what Thanksgiving goodie is the highlight of their feast of all feasts, and Curtis Stone had a particularly scrumptious response.

Curtis Stone has a delicious homemade stuffing recipe

Despite being born in Melbourne, Australia, the famous chef has a special place in his heart for Thanksgiving. "I was introduced to Thanksgiving when I moved to California from Australia and I just love a holiday that is focused around food," Stone shared with Today. Unsurprisingly, everyone's favorite meat lover is a big fan of the dish that Thanksgiving centers around — the turkey. His special spin on this classic main? The 46-year-old television personality likes to serve his bird with brown butter gravy. 

However, for Stone, the best part about Turkey Day is actually the stuffing, which he refers to as "dressing. "It is the dressing, not the stuffing, because if it is stuffing it has to be stuffed in the turkey," he shared with Parade. Stone's special stuffing recipe consists of spicy fennel sausage, fennel, crumbs, stock, and butter dressing. "It is crispy outside, dewy on the inside. I love it," he continued. "It works so well with gravy and gravy is the whole thing for Thanksgiving, right?" We couldn't agree more.