This Is Jeff Mauro's Most Important Thanksgiving Cooking Tip

Jeff Mauro has a Thanksgiving cooking tip that works for any table. The chef is known for his family-based gatherings and group cooking as evidenced in his podcast and his cookbook, both of which are titled, "Come on Over." Adding extra flair to already entertaining dishes, Mauro's signature style is playful and social. It should come as no surprise to fans that this personality is part of Mauro's food appeal. As he advises on Thanksgiving meals, "I think the most important tip for holiday cooking is to add a little extra love to the traditional dishes. Rather than making something classic, give the dish a slight twist. For instance, instead of just making sweet potatoes, you can put together a side dish like my grilled and smashed hot honey sweet potatoes," (via Parade).

And while adding that something extra to the regular Thanksgiving lineup can add depth and interest to your holiday menu, it doesn't have to be a complicated process. Shares Mauro, "I also love having tools in the kitchen that are fast and efficient and that my wife Sarah, our son Lorenzo and I can use together."

Jeff Mauro's tips for a family feast

While some take pride in hand-crafting all the ingredients and making every item from scratch, Mauro takes a more practical approach to holiday cooking. This family chef embraces technology and gadgets that help make cooking easier — another way to add more time with family. Says Mauro, "Tools like the George Foreman Smokeless Grill Series definitely come in handy, especially when it comes to the holiday season, and we are all spread a little thin and value every minute of the day. What I love most about this grill gadget is your ability to bring the outside, inside. Easy cleanup, quick heating, it gets dinner on the table fast, plus minimal smoke" (via Parade).

Grilling is nice of course, but this Food Network star also understands the practicalities of creating a tasty dish. Time may not be a spice, but it is definitely "of the essence" as prep can be lengthy if done entirely by hand. "Another must-have for me is a food processor, which speeds up the prep process and allows me to focus on the actual cooking," shares Mauro.

So try out some of these tasty tips for your next Thanksgiving meal, and get inspired by more of Mauro's delicious recipes too.