This Was Elvis Presley's Last Meal

Great interest has always surrounded the final moments of the undisputed King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Primarily, this is because of the fascination surrounding his death taking place while he was sitting on the toilet of his mansion called Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee (via PBS NewsHour). It was an undeniably inglorious end to a celebrity icon enriched with money and stardom (estimated by Rolling Stone to now equate to between $400 million and $500 million) – but Elvis certainly made up for it with his flamboyant love of weird and wonderful food. 

The Independent reports that Elvis frequently indulged in fried breakfasts and the incredible Fool's Gold Loaf – a sizable concoction of deep-fried bacon, grape jam, and peanut butter stuffed into sourdough bread. It is therefore considerably unsurprising that (according to Mental Floss) the final meal of Elvis Presley was a comfort food session that might be enjoyed by many of us.

Elvis' sweet last meal

As PBS NewsHour reports, the uncharacteristically mundane death of Elvis Presley generated immense attention and speculation from the media and fans, but although drug abuse was determined to be a significant factor in The King's fatal heart attack, his diet likely played a part. Elvis' eating habits were characterized by his final meal: Four scoops of ice cream and six chocolate chip cookies (via Chicago Tribune). 

Mental Floss notes that Elvis was unable to sleep on the night of his demise, choosing to snack on the sweet treats before attempting to sleep once more. The next time he got out of bed was a few hours later when he suffered his fatal heart attack. To keep himself occupied during his final visit to the bathroom, it is suggested by the Chicago Tribune that Elvis could have been heavily invested in a book – "A Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus."