The Egg-Balancing World Record You'll Need To See To Believe

Eggs are complicated creations that, aside from cracking and cooking them, are certainly not designed to be cooperative. They'll roll around like a caffeinated baseball and shatter with the mildest of touches, soaking every surface in sight with an ooze so thick and sticky that makes cleaning it up a feat of its own.

Trying to win a world record using eggs is undoubtedly a bold ambition. In fact, some might think it to be impossible. However, that's just what South African native Gregory Da Silva chose to do. Undeterred by the immense challenges posed by eggs, Firstpost reports that Da Silva had the ambition to enter the Guinness World Records with the belief that he would win with his egg powers.

Hoping to join in the successes of other bizarre food competitions such as the fastest time to eat a burrito, devouring 36 cloves of garlic in a minute, and eating jelly blindfolded without using arms, per Insider, Da Silva believed balancing eggs on a hat atop his head would give him world record glory.

The 'Eggman' can balance 735 eggs on his head

Da Silva had some serious preparation to complete before he attempted the unusual world record. Firstpost reports that he practiced balancing eggs in countries across the globe, and even earned the nickname 'Eggman' because of his strong commitment to the yolky delights.

According to Guinness World Records, Da Silva cracked his long-awaited goal in Jiangyin, China, by successfully carrying 735 eggs on a hat on his head, and was judged to be a world record holder. It was also noted that he spent three days attaching eggs to his mighty hat — and perhaps just as long carefully removing said hat from his head.

According to Metro, Da Silva's life wasn't initially planned to be so intensely focused on eggs. He was previously a student of computer science before deciding to swap the complexities of coding and machines to follow his interest in theater, ultimately specializing in comedy, poetry, and politics.