Aldi Shoppers Swear By This Chicken Bone Broth

"I don't know why I'm scared to try bone broth. I hear people say it's so good for you," wrote Instagram user @Julie_Jooge in response to a post by Aldi super fan account, ALDI All the Time. Well, you're right, Julie Jooge, to think that consuming bone broth ("drinking it," as many people describe it) has potential health benefits that include supporting gut, joint, and skin health, according to registered dietitian Cynthia Sass (via Health). However, it wouldn't be unreasonable for anyone to feel intimidated by the thought of trying bone broth for the first time, since what makes it different from ordinary stock or broth is that it involves a 24-hour or so simmer of bones to extract as much collagen, minerals, and other nutrients as possible. In fact, ALDI All the Time agreed that ordinary bone broth may not necessarily seem all that palate-pleasing; however, that's also why the account recently took to Instagram to announce the arrival at Aldi stores of Chef's Cupboard brand bone broth in some really interesting flavors. 

"Hoping these flavored ones are good," ALDI All the Time replied to Julie Jooge in a comment. Well, apparently they are, if the user comments here and on similar posts by Instagram accounts Adventures in Aldi and Aldi For President are any indication. As it turns out, Aldi shoppers, in fact, swear by this particular brand of chicken bone broth and its creative and satisfying flavors.

Several flavors of chicken bone broth

If the thought of drinking a broth made from chicken bones simmered in water for hours and hours in order to render as much collagen, mineral, and nutrients as possible doesn't exactly have you jumping for joy, then we're guessing that you've never actually tried bone broth. That's understandable because drinking what amounts to liquified animal bones and connective tissue isn't something many people would readily embrace unless they realized its many potential health benefits (via Health) and/or had the opportunity to try one that is flavored like an actual "soup." That is why shoppers are so excited about the Chef's Cupboard brand chicken bone broths that Aldi recently added to shelves. 

"We got the rosemary & lemon chicken bone broth this week and we ran out in a day!" commented on Instagram follower of ALDI All the Time, which recently took to social media to announce the arrival of this bone broth in its soup-like flavors. "I found it and I've tried it several years ago and truly love it," another user commented in response to Adventures in Aldi's post regarding the same.