The Thanksgiving Side Dish Lori Loughlin Can't Live Without

The turkey lies as the centerpiece of Thanksgiving — this is rather obvious. After all, we do lovingly call the holiday "Turkey Day." However, the opulence of the holiday is the result of not just the big bird but the side dishes that surround it.

To highlight these lesser sung side dishes, Parade asked Lori Loughlin and other celebrities in 2017 what non-turkey dish they loved to see on a Thanksgiving table. "Oh my gosh," Lori Loughlin exclaimed. "A friend of mind makes this incredible, and now I make it, too, because it is just the greatest recipe: It's a butternut squash soufflé. It is so good, it's like dessert, and that is my favorite side dish." A further "Oh my gosh" followed to emphasize the heavenly nature of this meal. While a soufflé might not strike many as an obvious Thanksgiving dish, no one can deny that next to turkey, butternut squash is one of the most important flavor profiles of the feast.

How to make your own butternut squash soufflé

Unfortunately, Lori Loughlin didn't spill the beans on her friend's recipe. This is doubly unfortunate as that butternut squash soufflé made her say "Oh my gosh" twice in the Parade piece, so we can only assume it's delicious. Luckily, the Food Network is here to save the day for all those bereft of fancy side dishes. Its butternut squash soufflé recipe has received 11 reviews and has an average rating of five stars out of five. All you need are steamed and diced carrots and butternut squash, butter, sugar, flour, vanilla extract, and eggs. Then there is the soufflé topping, which consists of corn flakes, brown sugar, and butter. You can find all of these ingredients at your local grocery store if you don't have them already, and the recipe takes just 1 hour and 30 minutes to bake. Now, you can enjoy Thanksgiving like Lori Loughlin!