Disappointed Starbucks Dropped Its Eggnog Latte? It's Still On The Secret Menu

On November 3, Starbucks broke some bad news to its consumers. "I was informed by one of your stores that you will not be getting eggnog this year," one fan wrote on Twitter. "This had better be a lie." Starbucks replied, "Eggnog latte is not returning to this year. If you're looking for a nostalgic Holiday flavor, we recommend our new Iced Sugar Cookie Almond-milk Latte, in the U.S., for a modern twist on a Holiday classic!" 

People were unimpressed by this revelation. "Sugar Cookie drink is WAY too sweet," one fan wrote. "Can you just give us back eggnog and gingerbread lattes?" As the Daily Hive reported, though, the disappointment spread far wider than just the cluster of comments to this tweet. In fact, a Facebook group was even created to coordinate a petition to bring back the beloved drink. The prevailing feeling is that by replacing a drink appropriately themed for the holiday with a generic non-dairy, nondescript option, Starbucks had really shot itself in the foot.

You can still get the Eggnog Latte

What is rather strange about this story is that Starbucks could have easily avoided this. All they had to say was that even though the drink was not an official Starbucks drink this year, you can easily order it via the secret menu.

For those in the dark, the secret menu consists of customized drink orders. More importantly, many of the recipes mimic limited offerings, meaning you can order the drinks year-round. For example, on the Starbucks Secret Menu fansite, there is a recipe for the Eggnog Latte. To order it, you need to request a chai latte with some caramel pumped in. Specifically, one pump for a tall latte, two for a grande, and three for a venti. An iced Eggnog Latte needs an iced chai latte and an additional pump of caramel, while a frappuccino requires a chai frappuccino, an additional pump of caramel, and a topping of some whipped cream and dolce sprinkles.

Of course, the drink isn't official Starbucks policy, but it would save the company from some drama. If you are missing the Eggnog Latte, feel free to order it with the ingredients listed above. Just be mindful that you are asking for a more involved order than the typical Starbucks fare.