Bobby Flay Is Basically The 'Butterball Hotline' For This Marvel Star

If you are a plumber, friends and family will likely ask you to look at their leaky sink. If you are Bobby Flay, you will inevitably be asked for cooking advice. 

In practice, this means that many people call Bobby Flay for help when making meals. In the latest episode of the iHeart podcast, "Alway Hungry with Bobby Flay and Sophie Flay," the celebrity chef's daughter noted that lots of calls always come in every Thanksgiving. "I don't even know how you focus on your own Thanksgiving," Sophie said. "I feel like people are calling, texting, Face-Timing you nonstop all day."

Bobby Flay agreed as much, and went for a "total name drop situation" in which he talked about the many people who get a hold of him for advice, including his friend Scarlett Johansson. She is, Flay states, a great cook. "But for some reason," he jokes, "on holidays, I'm like her Butterball hotline." As Flay recalls, during his preparation for a previous family Thanksgiving, the actress called him around 30 times. "But she is just one in a lineup of people who call me looking for tips," he clarified and then added, "Thanksgiving is a monster to cook." If friends need tips for that specific feast, sounds like Bobby Flay will always offer sympathetic help.

Scarlett Johansson considers Bobby Flay a secret ingredient

In fairness to Bobby Flay, this was not that much of a revealing name-drop situation as Scarlett Johansson herself has even talked about how Flay has helped her prepare Thanksgiving in the past.

In a 2019 clip shared by the "Live With Kelly and Ryan" show (as seen on YouTube), host Ryan Seacrest had asked Scarlett Johansson whether she would cook Thanksgiving again. "I have to," she said. "Thanksgiving comes every year! It's relentless! I do have one pretty big trick up my sleeve though: I am friends with Bobby Flay." Apparently, Johansson Face-Timed him while she was getting worked up over cooking the gravy. He proceeded to talk to her down, as it turns out.

In fairness to Scarlett Johansson, this seems to have been the first time she had tackled Thanksgiving solo. In their coverage of the whole "Kelly and Ryan" interview, The Takeout explained that it's the actress' sister who usually does the preparations, but she was "super pregnant" at the time. So, it was a lot to deal with for a newbie — and, if we're honest, who wouldn't have reached out to a person whose job is a celebrity chef that competes in stressful situations?