The Big Problem Costco Shoppers Have With This Giant Candy Stocking

The air is getting cold and festive twinkly lights are starting to appear in windows, which can only mean one thing: It is time to start thinking about the holidays. For many families, that means making plans for travel, prepping for feasts, and, of course, trying to cross items off everyone's wishlists. Whether you have small children who are eagerly awaiting a visit from Santa or are just trying to come up with the perfect present for your mother, spouse, or brother-in-law, shopping for Christmas gifts can definitely be stressful. However, Costco is selling something this year that is almost certain to put a smile on anyone's face — as long as they have a sweet tooth. It's a giant candy stocking filled with several kinds of treats, including Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, Haribo gummy bears, and assorted chocolate candies.

The fan account @costcohotfinds posted about the new holiday item on Instagram, writing, "GIANT Costco Sized Candy Stocking!!! Filled with both full size and miniature candies...I'm not sure if this would be a fun gag gift or real one but it looks delicious." Many of their followers were excited by the fun and festive display. "Omg stop!! I need this," one user replied. "Idk if my kids need that much candy, but I could buy a couple and split into 3 and the rest for me," responded @stephikae.

Many shoppers think the stocking is overpriced

However, not all shoppers are so delighted by the Costco offering, they shared on Instagram. Some users have one major gripe with the jumbo candy stocking: the price. With a hefty price tag of $34.99, some just don't feel that the product is worth it. "Unless you really love the presentation and holiday themed candy wrappers, this is a horrible deal," posted @_kitchenjames. "You can find most of these at the dollar stores/Walmart and all together would come out about half this price," @thedollgangxo agreed.

This isn't the first year that Costco has released this type of holiday gift. In previous holiday seasons, the superstore has sold another giant Christmas stocking complete with more than 100 candies, including full-sized bars of Hershey's and Kit Kats and packages of Trolli gummy candies and Welch's fruit snacks (via 12 Tomatoes). However, that stocking sold for just $29.99, so it's not surprising that some shoppers are surprised by this year's price hike. If you love the novelty of this giant stocking, it might be worth shelling out the extra money, but if you are looking to be a little savvier with your shopping, there are probably cheaper ways to stuff a bunch of candy into a stocking.