This Cookbook Celebrates The Real Housewives' Most Iconic Moments

Those who enjoy watching "The Real Housewives" series are familiar with the amount of drama on the show. Per Bravo, it stars individuals like entrepreneur, designer, and stylist Heather Thomson and has a winning formula: women from different walks of life get together and are filmed as they interact with each other. 

The show has plenty of scenes that revolve around food. For example, the housewives are known for organizing fancy dinners replete with food trucks, private chefs, and more (via Paste Magazine). In one of the parties, a woman even came up with an intimate British tea party and decided to hire an event planner for the occasion. They ended up eating macarons, cupcakes, and fruits. Of course, there was also pink champagne involved!

Well, a new book has taken inspiration from the series. According to People, this cookbook has recipes that have been created thanks to the food featured on "The Real Housewives" franchise.

The book is a parody and a treat

According to People, Irish chef Stuart O'Keeffe and comedian Amy Phillips have teamed up for a rather entertaining cookbook, "Cook It, Spill It, Throw It: The Not-So-Real Housewives Parody Cookbook." There are lots of recipes ideas in the book, such as what to make for theme parties to impress your guests. Also, there are meals that are specifically a reflection of what viewers saw on "The Real Housewives."

For example, the cookbook has a recipe for Eggs a Lu'Francais that were prepared by one of the cast members, Luann de Lesseps in "Real Housewives of New York City." It also pays tribute to controversial scenes, like the recipe titled "You Stole My Godd*** House Salad." 

O'Keeffe and Phillips are proud of what they've managed to pull off. "Stuart and I are both fans of the show, so we really designed this to be something as a companion for fellow 'Housewives' addicts," Phillips said. As for O'Keeffe, he hopes that others will enjoy reading the book. He wrote on Instagram that it took more than two years to finish the book. He added, "@meetamyphillips thank you so so much for making this process fun and becoming a great friend."