This Is Bobby Flay's Favorite Thanksgiving Side

Who doesn't love Thanksgiving? There's nothing better than rallying around a holiday that's entirely dedicated to friends, family, thankfulness, and inclusivity. And let's face it, we all wish our days started with a festive parade and ended with pumpkin pie (with a mid-day nap thrown in between). From participating in a turkey trot to watching endless amounts of football, there are so many enjoyable traditions that occur on the fourth Thursday of November. However, nothing tops the heaps and heaps of delicious food. Roast turkey (or tofurky) may be the star of the meal, but the best part about this harvest feast is the wide variety of sides.

From cranberry sauce and green bean casserole to homemade stuffing and glazed carrots, there is no shortage of sides on the Turkey Day table. If you don't like one holiday dish, then thankfully there are so many other options to stuff your face with instead. While there's so much to love about the traditional Thanksgiving menu, everyone has certain dishes that they gravitate towards — including celebrity chefs. Keep reading to find out the first dish Bobby Flay will be tucking into next Thursday.

Flay's ultimate side dish has a cheesy spin to it

If there's one day where master chefs truly get to shine, it's Thanksgiving. Bobby Flay agrees. On his latest episode of "Always Hungry," a podcast he co-hosts with his daughter Sophie, Flay refers to Thanksgiving as the "Super Bowl" for chefs, noting that the holiday is "undisputedly" his favorite day of the year. "You gotta bring it," he joked.

Flay has hosted Thanksgiving all across the country, in places like the Hamptons, Los Angeles, and even in his own restaurants. Typically, the celebrity chef hosts 30-40 people at his house for Thanksgiving, and the menu always revolves around a unique theme. According to the Food Network, some of Flay's signature Thanksgiving dishes include smoked-chili scalloped sweet potatoes, pumpkin bread pudding, and cajun-brined turkey. When Sophie asks Bobby what his favorite Thanksgiving side is, he responds with, "I have a couple of very successful side dishes that I make, I think probably the most successful one ever is the mashed potatoes with the green Chile queso sauce." Sophie immediately concurs, stating that the side is "messed up good." Can we be invited to your Thanksgiving dinner this year, Bobby?

However, Flay doesn't make everything himself. He leaves dessert up to his guests, while he takes care of multiple turkeys and the countless sides. Sounds fair, right?