Gordon Ramsay Says This Is The Worst Insult To A Chef

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been in the culinary industry for a long time and is known for his exceptional skills in the kitchen. According to Insider, the chef was once the wealthiest celebrity chef in the world. A lot of this was on account of his flourishing television career. After all, he was a part of several popular TV shows such as "MasterChef," "Hell's Kitchen," "Kitchen Nightmares," and more. It also helped that he had scores of successful eateries in different parts of the world.

That said, the highly opinionated Ramsay has not always escaped criticism in his food career. For example, in October, he was called out for serving an incredibly expensive dish at one of his restaurants in London (via Insider). The menu item in question? A $42 plat of fish and chips. Customers would have to pay an additional $9 for fries. An annoyed commentator wrote on Instagram that they could survive an entire week on that much money.

Well, as far as the chef is concerned, the worst insult a chef can receive is rather specific.

His answer is straightforward

According to Entertainment Weekly, Gordon Ramsay thinks that somebody telling a lie is possibility the worst insult a chef can receive. For him, it's upsetting when he comes across a contestant like that on a cooking show. "When somebody lies to you, it's worse than working with somebody who can't cook," he explained. Basically, this is unacceptable behavior as far as Ramsay is concerned. He added, "because when you trust someone with your reputation, and they cross that line, they want [the food] out of their sight, and they tell you they finished it, and you know they're lying, that's the worst."

Ramsay has another pet peeve. It's annoying for him when a cook gets their hands on a ridiculously expensive kitchen tool such as a fancy knife without knowing how to use it properly. "They also get a bit carried away with these flash materials. ... There's no point in buying the best knife if you can't f****ing slice [correctly]," he said.

He can be fairly brutal himself

Just to be clear, chef Gordon Ramsay himself is known for coming up with some of the harshest food-related insults of all time on his TV shows. And you guessed it, he doesn't really believe in holding back when he's expressing feelings. Per The Recipe, one of his most well-known insults is from his show, "Hell's Kitchen," when he told a contestant that she was an "idiot sandwich" after a goof-up. He went on to show what he meant by taking a couple of slices of bread and putting them on her face. It is a fairly common meme now. 

In another instance, he was required to try a new dish on the show. Ramsay did not seem like he was very confident at all about the flavors when he said, "for what we are about to eat, may the Lord make us truly not vomit." Need more? Here's one more example of an insult that he came up with: As a contestant struggled to prepare soup, Gordon Ramsay couldn't resist and shot back, "are we making a soup or trying to summon a demon?"

Ramsay has been called out for his behavior

To be fair, lots of people have mentioned that Gordon Ramsay can be tough to work with and is an intense chef. According to Grub Street, chefs as well as food critics have noticed this and have made their feelings abundantly clear. British restaurateur Trevor Gulliver was not too impressed with Ramsay and once commented that if someone is relying on their antics on TV to run a restaurant and manage their staff members, there's a huge problem. "The shouty chef ... I guess [will] always exist," he said. He added that Ramsay's approach is "pretty much an anachronism these days."

Also, French pastry chef Dominique Ansel pointed out that working under a chef who constantly shouts and insults his colleagues can be a bit too much for most people. "Swearing and shouting will only cause your cooks to become intimidated and affect the quality of their work and productivity," he said.

It's not like Ramsay himself has not taken note, though. He did think that his behavior was a bit too much on "Kitchen Nightmares." He told The Guardian that he was not proud of the amount of times he swore, and could feel himself "getting a bit tired of the foul-mouthed bully chef."