Aldi Shoppers Are Loving These Adorable Animal-Shaped Baskets

When it comes to shopping at Aldi, fans of the supermarket chain know just what to buy. According to Delish, violet sea salt, Belgian cocoa-dusted truffles, and the brand's fresh strawberries all rank as some of the top picks for shoppers in the know. The brand now has a new product with some serious staying power that just might join the ranks of these other beloved offerings. Instagrammer @theamazingaldi discovered that Aldi now carries wicker baskets in the shapes of animals and a pineapple.

They posted a picture of the find alongside the caption, "Did you spot these Pottery Barn dupes @aldiusa this week?! $24.99!" and followers couldn't hold back their excitement. Fans flocked in to share their thoughts on their favorites, and replied with gems like, "Happy, got the elephant, adorable, now to figure out what to do with it," "Literally just bought one!!!!" and "I got the pineapple." While Aldi lovers couldn't get enough of these wicker creations, shoppers on the other end of social media simultaneously discovered the baskets and had even bigger reactions.

Aldi baskets that have the internet talking

Another Instagram user under the handle @ohheyaldi also found the same baskets at their local Aldi and shared the find online. They captioned their post with, "This is why we Aldi #commencehappydance $24.98 Huntington Home Novelty Baskets," and followers completely agreed with the sentiment. Responses ranged from, "These are awesome! Love my ALDI — just wish things didn't go out of stock so fast!" all the way to, "I bought the pineapple basket and one of each Squishmallow today. Jackpot. The giraffe and elephant (?) basket were so so cute but my kids are a smidge too old for those now... Couldn't resist that impulse buy."

Fans also debated about which animal basket they preferred. Some loved the llama, chiming in with, "I picked up the llama basket today, super excited about it!!!" while others couldn't get enough of the elephant, saying, "Someone tell me I don't need the elephant basket." Others decided to not play favorites, replying with, "I got the elephant and llama." If you love the idea of these wicker baskets and need to see them for yourself, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for them on your next Aldi run. With any luck, these home goods can establish themselves alongside other fan favorite meals and ingredients at the grocery chain.