This Bold New Look Is Coming To Papa Johns

Papa Johns has been through a lot over the past few years thanks to comments made by controversial founder and ex-CEO John Schnatter, but the company is ready to leave that all behind. The brand just announced in a press release that it will be implementing a new restaurant design, logo, and brand identity in hopes of delivering "better experiences for its customers and team members."

Papa Johns is an American pizza chain with more than 5,000 locations in 45 countries. And though sales were falling around the time Schnatter left the company, it has been on the upswing ever since. Now, it seems that Papa Johns wants to build on that momentum with a whole new look and experience for its customers. There will be a new visual identity for the brand (including a new color palette inspired by their ingredients), a new custom font, and a new logo. However, the biggest change will be in the restaurant design, not only for customers but for employees as well.

The new restaurant design caters to pickup orders

During the COVID-19 pandemic, customers became more likely than ever to order food online for pickup (via Restaurant Business). It makes sense, then, that part of the Papa Johns overhaul includes a redesign of its restaurants to make picking up orders easier than ever. When you head to Papa Johns to pick up your order, you'll experience a streamlined process, whether you're using a drive-thru, picking up at the curb, or heading to the pickup counter inside. There will even be a contact-free self-service pickup station so customers who order and pay ahead of time can simply walk in and grab their order without waiting in line.

This could encourage more business. According to Bluedot, a company that works on mobile app geolocation technology, 70 percent of consumers in February 2021 were using curbside pickup, in-store pickup, and the drive-thru more than ever. Combine that with a survey by PYMNTS/Paytronix that found 31 percent of customers were willing to spend more money on food if a restaurant offers curbside pickup, and it looks like the streamlining of order pickup in their restaurants could be a winning strategy for Papa Johns.

Behind the scenes, Papa Johns employees will enjoy a new modular mise en place that will allow them to prepare food more seamlessly, which could translate to faster preparation of orders and shorter pickup times. From a new color scheme and logo to a streamlined and more flexible restaurant design both in front of and behind the counter, it sounds like big changes are in store for Papa Johns.