Costco Shoppers Are Loving These Cute Character Throw Pillows

If you love Costco and your couch or bed needs some extra cushioning this winter, you have your work cut out for you. According to Insider, you could go ahead and get yourself some ivory faux-fur pillows from the big box retailer or some pillows with animal print on them, per Apartment Therapy. When you want to go a different route with your home design, Costco has another new set of items that have the power to make your couch or bed that much more fun.

Instagrammer @costcobuys discovered that their local Costco now carries a set of Disney, Harry Potter, and Star Wars-themed throw pillows perfect for anyone needing a bit more comfort. The pillows feature Mickey and Minnie Mouse head silhouettes in Christmas ornament designs, a Baby Yoda pillow, a Harry Potter pillow, and a Minnie Mouse-emblazoned pillow. The Instagrammer showed off each find on social media and captioned the post with text reading, "Disney, Star Wars, and Harry Potter character pillow & oversized throw sets are SO CUTE! Swipe to see them all!"

Whimsical throw pillows perfect for cold weather

Instagram followers loved these pillows and wished they could get their hands on them. Replies like, "so cute" and "I want one lol," lined the post. While many commenters loved the products, few could find them. One user replied with, "I can't find it online," while another said, "I wish they had them on the east coast!" One desperate follower summed up the sentiment, saying, "Too bad these products don't exist at all Costco!!!"

If you would love to own one of these throw pillows for yourself, you might have to scour your local Costco locations in hopes of scoring one. With any luck, the warehouse store might just bring this product to all of its locations across the country, but until then, keep dreaming of the day when you can bring home an iconic throw pillow to give your home that touch of whimsy this holiday season.