Aldi Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over Its Chocolate Oranges

The holidays are a time for celebrating with family and friends, honoring traditions, and enjoying all our favorite nostalgic sweets and treats that we loved as a child. From festive drinks like eggnog, to traditional desserts like pumpkin pie, there is no shortage of special indulgences that can only be found this time of year. The popular grocery chain Aldi has a great selection of festive winter finds, from classic holiday desserts and beverages, to cheerful Poinsettias and scented candles that are sure to make your home smell like a winter wonderland (via Aldi). 

But there is one particular holiday treat on their shelves that has people talking. The popular Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds alerted their followers to the wide selection of new holiday finds Aldi is releasing this holiday season, and there was one treat in particular that caught the eye of many Aldi fans: Their festive, delicious chocolate oranges.

The chocolate orange is a holiday tradition for many Aldi shoppers

Several Aldi shoppers were quick to express their excitement over the release of Aldi's Choceur break-apart chocolate oranges, which are available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and even mint flavors. "I picked up four of the chocolate oranges for stockings. Love them!" raved one user.

"We love chocolate oranges!!!" posted another.

"The chocolate oranges are a tradition at our house," another follower wrote. "I place them in their stockings. I bought seven the other day." 

The best part is, each chocolate orange contains 20 pieces and costs just $2.49, so you'll be able to fill all the Christmas stockings in your house without breaking your budget. So if putting chocolate oranges under the tree is a long-standing part of your holiday traditions, or if you are just hoping to try some sweet, festive new treats this year, then you will definitely want to grab a few of these delicious and affordable chocolate oranges at your local Aldi while supplies last.