The Real Reason There Are No KFC Locations In Norway

The image of Colonel Sanders is ubiquitous across the United States as the symbol for KFC. Specializing in all things fried chicken, this fast food powerhouse has fans throughout the world and continues to expand. Their 11 spice blend has been kept secret for years and is part of the allure of the fried chicken empire. 

You can find KFC across 145 countries and six of the seven continents, including Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe, and South and North America; with over 25,000 restaurants total, according to the KFC global website. Who knew that their slogan — "It's finger lickin' good" — was heard all over the world?

It may come as a surprise is that despite having locations in almost every European country, there is one Scandinavian country where you won't be able to find a KFC, no matter how hard you look. One other Scandinavian country is opening their first KFC locations by the end of 2021. 

The reason may not be what you expect.

Sourcing chickens is expensive

If you're traveling to Norway and are craving the famous 11 spice blend fried chicken from KFC, you're out of luck. The Scandinavian country doesn't have a single KFC location. According to Street Food Guy, Norway doesn't have the "finger lickin' good" chicken establishment because it's not part of the European Union, and due to economic restrictions, importing chickens would be too expensive. Finland originally wasn't part of the EU, hence it's lack of KFC locations, although it ended up joining in 1995 (via European Union). It's only just now that the status of KFC in the country is changing. Four KFC's are planned to open at the end of 2021, according to Diaspora Glitz Magazine

Although fast food chains are often associated as being cheap, when it comes to working within the laws of different countries, what is inexpensive in one country may not be as simple to create in another place, especially when it comes to sourcing ingredients.