Instagram Can't Believe The Details On Amaury Guichon's Chocolate Cello

Few can argue with the fact that Amaury Guichon has some serious skills when it comes to transforming dessert into art. My Modern Met reports that this Las Vegas-based French pastry chef constructs lifelike chocolate statues over the course of hours using mixtures of candy, spray-on color, and tons of elbow grease. His creations typically range from edible statues of animals all the way to dragons and alien monsters, but his latest creation strikes a chord with foodies and music aficionados everywhere.

In a recent Instagram post, Guichon posted an elaborate video of how he sculpted a chocolate cello. The final product looks like a real wooden instrument, and his sculpting process could make any traditional luthier jealous. Guichon captioned the post, "I completely underestimated the time it would take me to make this one! What musical instrument should I do next?" and fans couldn't wait to share their enthusiasm and ideas on what instrument the chef should sculpt out of chocolate in the future.

A cello beautiful enough to eat

Followers loved Guichon's impressive Instagram post, commenting things like, "You are an amazing artist," and "this man is a genius." One astute user noticed the chocolate sculpture's similarity to a real cello, noting, "Omg you even put the sound post in there." Others jumped in to share their ideas of what instrument Guichon should sculpt next, with replies ranging from, "You should try making a flute!" to, "The Indian Veena." The cello wasn't Guichon's first music-related creation; his cello would look right at home next to a dessert drum that the chef recently posted on his Instagram.

Next time you wonder if the culinary, pastry, and chocolate arts qualify as artforms, remember the skill and precision that Guichon poured into this lifelike, expertly detailed cello. In the event that you ever want to learn how to masterfully sculpt something out of chocolate, the pastry chef thankfully plans to pass on his skills. He opened a school that teaches students the basics of pastry art and might even help them become master dessert sculptors as well (via The Pastry Academy).