TikTok Is Cracking Up Over This Kyle Scheele Meal Prank

If you keep up with social media, you know that TikTok makes things happen. Sometimes it's a good thing, like when TikTok helps raise awareness for one cause or another, but sometimes it's not so good. You know, like all the people who have been fired because they posted questionable work behavior on TikTok, and it went viral.

Anyway, like with all other aspects of life, it's important to focus on the good. Social media platforms like TikTok have definitely inspired some great things. Some channels are dedicated to educating viewers about sexual health, which can be glossed over by schools. Others share updates on current events. And some content creators are toddlers telling us to love ourselves (via USA Today). It honestly doesn't get much better than that.

Kyle Scheele is yet another example of a TikTok influencer who set out just to entertain people but ended up part of a very cool movement toward ending child hunger. 

A harmless prank turns into wholesome collaboration

According to the first of three TikTok updates posted by Kyle Scheele, he was inspired by a Post Malone cardboard cutout at a convenience store. When Scheele asked if he could have the cutout after the promotion ended, the worker told him he didn't know where promotion materials came from or where they went. And so an idea formed.

Scheele decided to make his own cardboard cutout to advertise a nonexistent "Kyle Scheele Meal" and set it up at his local Kum and Go gas station. To his surprise, no one stopped him from leaving the cutout in the middle of the convenience store. In fact, it wasn't until his TikTok went viral that anyone realized it was a prank.

Within two days of his first post, Scheele uploaded a second TikTok with an exciting update: Kum and Go's own TikTok channel hinted that the company was considering bringing the Kyle Scheele Meal to life. Another two days later, Scheele posted a third TikTok saying he was collaborating with Kum and Go as well as Red Bull to create the Kyle Scheele Meal. The best part? For each meal sold, Kum and Go and Red Bull will each donate $2 to charity No Kid Hungry.