Aldi Shoppers Can't Wait To Try These Apple Blossom Desserts

When it comes to selecting seasonal desserts, you have your work cut out for you. Fall and winter mean restaurants now sell a slew of festive goodies, including salted caramel cookie skillets, banana spring rolls, and even a double chocolate fudge cake fromĀ Coca-Cola Cake (via Delish). While these items can get anyone's mouth watering, you still have to find them at a restaurant near you. Luckily, Aldi has side-stepped the hassle and has a fun treat that you can easily stock up on.

Instagrammer @aldi.mademedoit recently discovered that Aldi sells Caramel Apple Blossoms and Apple Berry Blossoms, which feature apples topped with caramel and a pastry filled with apples and berries, respectively. The account posted a picture of the finds alongside the caption reading, "Ok, my mouth is watering these sounds so perfect. Now we just need to add some vanilla ice cream on top," and fans went wild. Excited replies poured in, ranging from "I wish there was an Aldi where I live" all the way to "I got the berry one today!" Some even had tips on how to make the dessert, with one comment reading, "10 minutes in the air fryer at 350 game changer."

An Aldi dessert that has the internet talking

On the other end of Instagram, @theamazingaldi posted a picture of the same desserts with the caption, "Some delicious looking desserts and appetizers spotted in the frozen foods aisle this week." Savvy shoppers identified the apple desserts and replied with "Stock up on the caramel blossoms. Annual favorite, and they go quick" and "Are they good? They sure sound good." One user summed up the sentiments perfectly, simply saying, "Yummmm."

The excitement didn't stop there, and Instagram user @aldifavoritefinds independently found the items for sale. Their post received equally-enthusiastic replies that included gems like "These all look delicious! I can't wait to try them all! I'm at Aldi a lot, my fav store!" and "Snagged these this weekend! They're awesome!" If you are still on the fence about these desserts, you might want to make your move soon before they get snatched up. Make sure to try this seasonal Aldi treat that can match any restaurant alternative because once you make it through winter, you might not see the item again for another year.