Trisha Yearwood's Thanksgiving Pecan Pie Mistake Is Super Relatable

For many of us, Thanksgiving (and all other holidays, for that matter) is a stressful day. The house needs to be tidied up. You might have to stop at three different grocery stores to find gravy. And the turkey needs constant attention. With five million things going on at once, it's so easy to forget something or make a mistake. All it takes is a few minutes of distraction by your relatives for the crust to burn on that special pumpkin pie or stuffing to get overcooked (via Cooks Illustrated).

Even if you have a few little goof-ups, it's not the end of the world. We've all been there, even celebrity chefs. Instead of calling off dinner, think of mistakes as something to laugh about later. You might find that some of your favorite memories are of when life didn't go quite according to plan. Remember how everyone made the best of it in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" when the turkey was totally dried to a crisp? 

Better not forget the butter

Butter is pretty important when it comes to cooking. Just how important? Well, as beloved cook Trisha Yearwood discovered, you might run into some problems if you forget the butter when making a pecan pie. Yearwood told Sounds Like Nashville that she once forgot the butter in the microwave while making her pecan pie. Outward appearance alone, the pie looked perfectly fine. It wasn't until she sliced into the pie that she remembered where she had left the butter.

Despite the little snafu, Yearwood decided to laugh it off. She and her family named the melted butter Bob Bowl 'O' Butter and used it for their rolls. While forgetting the butter was in this case only a small mistake with little effect on anything else, the message is universal: It's okay to make mistakes. It's part of being human. Keep this in mind if your Thanksgiving doesn't go entirely as planned.