The Message Adam Richman Wanted To Send With Man V. Food

Adam Richman has won over many viewers with his numerous appearances on the popular TV show, "Man v. Food." He once told The Guardian in an interview that he needed to prep before every challenge to make sure that he was ready for what was coming. Richman also said that he usually did a cleanse after an eating challenge and squeezed in a workout to get back to his usual self.

For Richman, the show is special in many ways. For instance, whenever he took on an eating challenge, he could really appreciate that it had been attempted by brave people who were not afraid of pushing the envelope. He owed them that. "These challenges were made iconic by the locals who did them. There's no way that I could have known about a 72oz steak challenge in Amarillo unless thousands upon thousands of locals and [travelers] alike had attempted it," he told the outlet.

Adam Richman has a simple message

Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern once conducted an interview with Adam Richman and not surprisingly, he had some interesting questions for his fellow foodie. He asked Richman about the message he wished to convey to viewers with "Man v. Food." Richman's answer was refreshingly simple. As far as he was concerned, there wasn't a definite message involved except for the fact that he had a lot of fun with those who were a part of the show

"If I'm pressed to declare a message it would be this — It's okay to enjoy yourself and indulge every so often — and if you want to explore a new locale, make sure not to overlook the classic foods that the locals love," he said. His explanation for this was perfectly sensible: He said that locals can usually lead you to something remarkable and give you more insights into the city you are in.