Why Reddit Thinks Alex Guarnaschelli And Her Fiancé Broke Up

Here at Mashed, we're big fans of Alex Guarnaschelli, the chef and "Chopped" judge who's known for her Italian-accented dishes and humorous, approachable social media personality. We've followed her career closely — but we've also got to admit that we've taken an interest in her personal life, from her close friendship with fellow Food Network star Bobby Flay to her first marriage to lawyer Brandon Clark. Clark and Guarnaschelli met at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York in 2006. They had a daughter together but split ways in 2015 (via HollywoodMask).

Not long after her divorce, Guarnaschelli met Michael Castellon, a fellow chef who is also known as Chef Mike, while dining in his restaurant with a friend, per People. Over the years, Castellon has also appeared on the Food Network, working as Guarnaschelli's sous chef on "Iron Chef America" and also taking the title of "Chopped" champion in 2017, Distractify reports. Last June, Guarnaschelli announced the pair's engagement on Instagram, and in general, Castellon has been a presence on that account — until recently. His absence has Guarnaschelli fans wondering if the wedding is still on.

Reddit hasn't seen Castellon on Guarnaschelli's Insta lately

After Castellon popped the big question to Guarnaschelli last summer, the fellow chef had been a steady presence on Guarnaschelli's social media for quite some time. As of late, however, he's been suspiciously absent, which has fans on Reddit wondering if the pair is still together. U/JoshM3250 recently posed the question, "What happened to Alex Guarnaschelli's Fiancé? ... For a while, she'd post stories (and still posts too if I'm not mistaken) with her fiancé Mike ... But it hit me this morning that I haven't seen him anywhere near her Instagram for awhile. I scrolled back through her posts and I can't seem to find even one with him from the last year or so. His IG account has no trace of her either."

Other Redditors agreed that Castellon has been MIA from Guarnaschelli's account. Plus, some noticed, she doesn't seem to be wearing a ring these days. "Yes, I've noticed he seems to have been scrubbed from her IG and she isn't wearing the engagement ring anymore," wrote u/wishihadntdonethat99. "He was Chopped," opined u/Trprt77. We'll just have to stay tuned to this story and see.