This Turkey Marinating Drawer Has Reddit Divided

Thanksgiving is incomplete without delicious food such as a well-cooked turkey accompanied by lots of yummy side dishes. And here's the cardinal rule: If you really want to make your dish stand out, you've got to pay attention to how you marinate it. Of course, there are endless ideas that offer home cooks some cooking inspiration. According to The Spruce Eats, some of the most interesting ideas when it comes to marinating turkey include using lemon and pepper; sun-dried tomatoes accompanied by red wine, garlic, pepper, and basil; and classic combinations like herbs, spices, olive oil.

Getting the job done can feel like a difficult task as you try to ensure that you get the flavors right in your dish. Nevertheless, people have come up with interesting ways to prepare Thanksgiving turkey. Notably, one Redditor shared a hack from someone else that puts a drawer to good use while marinating turkey, and the reactions from other users are pretty interesting.

Redditors have a lot to say

As per the Reddit post, someone actually mentioned that they prefer using a marinating drawer in their fridge to prepare their turkey. The top comment read, "Only issue I see is not using the lower drawer for raw poultry instead of the top." Another commentator mentioned that this is actually not such a bad thing to do, although they had some advice. "Great idea. Better yet: brine it in a bag that is set in the drawer first to avoid the raw meat hazard all together," they wrote.

Not everybody approved of this hack, though. For one Redditor, the idea felt repulsive, and they weren't keen on attempting it. Another commentator pointed out that things could potentially get messy and awful really fast when the drawer is removed. Yet another noted that it's difficult to ensure that everything is nicely cleaned before and after the marination process. After all, cleaning something like this isn't necessarily easy to do for everyone.