Reddit Is Cracking Up Over This Trader Joe's Parking Lot Truth

As a brand, Trader Joe's has lots to offer its customers. As noted by Eat This, Not That!, the company was started by an entrepreneur named Joe Coulombe in 1958 and branded as TJ's in 1967. Also, the store puts a lot of thought into its products and ensures that they don't have preservatives, artificial flavors, or synthetic colors, among other things.

Also, products aren't automatically sold in the store. They must meet specific requirements and survive a taste test to make it to the final list of products that are brought to shelves. A description on the brand's website reads, "Our buyers travel the world searching for products we think are exceptional and will find a following among our customers." 

Fans of the store definitely enjoying picking up their grocery essentials from Trader Joe's. But, while shopping at the store can be a wonderful experience, customers may face unexpected hiccups during the experience. Redditors have recently been discussing one common issue most have encountered here, with endless stories in the store's parking lots!

Things can get very chaotic in TJ's parking lots

A Redditor recently shared a Tweet that called out Trader Joe's parking lots as being a place where frustration often occurs. The Redditor captioned the post, "Does anybody's local Trader Joe's actually have a decent parking lot? Or are they all cursed?" 

And clearly it seems to be a universal experience. One Reddit user said that they've been hit by other vehicles a handful of times, and every single time the mishap took place at a Trader Joe's parking lot. Another person said that they prefer shopping in the early morning when things are bearable at their local store. As they wrote, "My Trader Joe's is also in a strip mall. The parking lot is the spawn of Satan. I only ever go when they open at 8 a.m. because the parking lot is fine at that time."

A Redditor from Saint Paul, Minnesota even mentioned that their TJ's location has such a bad underground parking garage that they prefer leaving their car elsewhere and walking to the store. A few shoppers said they have had better experiences at certain locations, however. One person who was one of the few detractors said they have not encountered problems: "I feel like the Michigan TJ's are not too bad! My usual one is in a strip mall type thing, but it's one with a pretty decent parking lot." Must be nice!