Stanley Tucci Spends Holidays With These 2 Famous Actors

Stanley Tucci is a man of many talents — two of those talents being acting and cooking. While some of us may be at a loss when it comes to confidently finding our way around the kitchen, Tucci most definitely is not. Even his Thanksgiving menu sounded nothing short of delicious, including martinis as guests walked in the door and a traditional antipasti platter that Tucci makes because of his mom.

Consistently in tune with his Italian side, the foodie believes that there is always a place at the table for pasta, even on Thanksgiving (via Bon Appétit). Now that we know what Tucci's table looks like, who's sitting at it? In a recent Instagram post, Tucci revealed the famous actors that take a seat at Casa Tucci with the caption, "Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours." Here's a hint: Tucci married into this celebrity-studded family, with his wife being literary agent Felicity Blunt. Does that last name sound familiar?

Stanley posted with actor John Krasinski

Felicity Blunt is actress Emily Blunt's sister, and as many of us movie watchers know, Emily Blunt is married to A-list actor John Krasinski, per Parade, which means that Tucci's holiday gatherings include appearances by your favorite stars from "The Office" and more. In his Thanksgiving Instagram post, Tucci included a TikTok by Alexa Shoen that explains how he met Felicity Blunt. Tucci and Emily had both acted in the beloved film, "The Devil Wears Prada," which led him to meet Felicity on set. Shoen describes Tucci and Krasinski as the "American sons-in-law in the Blunt family."

Instagram commenters could not love these family ties more, as one said, "This is the best piece of new information I've ever received! The more you know!" and another said, "This just calmed me down and made me so happy." Shoen claims that she thinks about the Tucci-Blunt family when she's "stressed out about the weight of the world." Honestly, we totally get it. Tucci and Krasinski are probably sharing turkey leftovers as we speak.