This Is The Weirdest Thing TikTok's Jessica Woo Has Put In Her Kids' Lunches - Exclusive

Watching a mom pack her kids' school lunches might sound like a pretty unremarkable activity — and certainly not the kind of thing that would mesmerize 5.7 million TikTok viewers. But, have you seen Jessica Woo make lunch? There's something hypnotic about watching this single mother of three girls chop, slice, and skewer a wide variety of meats, fruits, veggies, rice dishes, and pastas into kid-sized pieces, and gently deposit them into her daughters' pastel-colored bento boxes. Even more interesting are the foods themselves. Who wants some green chocolate and fried hotdogs with coconut chips (as seen on TikTok)?

So, what's the strangest thing Woo has packed for her kids? This was a tough question for the food content creator to answer when we spoke to her in an exclusive interview recently. "The most unusual thing I put in a bento box? I try to put in a lot of weird things!" Woo said. "Especially fruits, if I can find some exotic fruits." When push comes to shove, though, Woo said rambutans win the prize for the strangest food she's ever packed — these nearly golfball-sized fruits are similar to lychee in taste. "They look like garlic, but [are] slimy ... But they're good! That one was a little weird for my kids. They were just like, 'What does this look like? I don't want to eat whole garlic that's slimy,'" Woo said.

Jessica Woo also packed her daughter a meat that can cost $200 a pound

What else has Woo packed her kids that's unusual? How about wagyu beef? "I did a really bougie bento box for my daughter," Woo recalled, referring to this TikTok video. "She's a New Year's baby. And so, I did a really special one because it was New Year's and it was her birthday. I did wagyu steak and I put quail egg on top." Wagyu comes from four specific breeds of Japanese cows, and because of their high fat content — which creates a pretty marbling effect — the meat is especially delicious ... and expensive. In fact, high-grade wagyu can cost up to $200 a pound, Business Insider reported.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the bougie-ness of this bento box sparked some backlash. "Oh so you're RICH rich," commented one TikToker, while another snarked, "Tell me you grew up rich without telling me you grew up rich." But plenty of others admired this birthday bento treat, commenting, "Can you be my mother please?" As for Woo, she takes this feedback in stride — and feels good about being able to surprise and delight her daughters, no matter how much time and money it takes. "I do love it because they get so excited, and it's like their favorite part of school," she explained. "So that just makes everything worth it and makes me love cooking in that way."

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