The Surprising Things You Didn't Know You Could Bake On A Traeger, According To Pitmaster Diva Q - Exclusive

World Champion Pitmaster and Traeger Grills pro Danielle Bennett, also known as "Diva Q," lives and breathes all things barbecue. She shared her favorite barbecue joints across the country on her Travel Channel show "BBQ Crawl" for three seasons, and she's judged a long list of food competitions. Her cookbook also focuses on backyard barbecue recipes, from beef and seafood to sides and desserts. And, she continues to share her favorite dishes on her popular Instagram page.

With championship titles for pork and bacon (per her website), Diva Q definitely knows her barbecue. But, it's not all about the meat. As it turns out, Bennett has mastered baked goods as well. And, even more surprising, she makes them all on a Traeger grill.

To learn more about how Bennett pulls off baking sweets on a Traeger, we went straight to the source. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Bennett shared all about her favorite things you didn't know you could bake on a grill.

Pitmaster Diva Q says you can bake cookies, bread, and more on a Traeger

While cooking meat on a Traeger grill is common, the machine can actually be utilized for a wide variety of meals, including desserts. And for Bennett, she's all about getting as creative as possible with what she can make on her grill. "For me, meat's a cake walk. And I don't mean that to be stuck up or arrogant. It's just that I've done meat for a really long time," she said. "So, one of the things that I love to do is push boundaries. What can I do next?"

In testing out baked goods on her Traeger, Bennett has done everything from French macarons to choux pastry, little meringues to pavlovas, and phyllo pastry-wrapped spinach puffs. Her list also includes focaccia, along with Christmas cookies such as snickerdoodles, English shortbread, and biscotti. She even bakes pastries such as pies and tarts on the grill. And, as she said, it all has to do with the indirect heat. "Because of the versatility and because there's no direct flame ... it is the most amazing unit to bake in," said Bennett. "And you get this little kiss of smoke. ... For me, that's just elevating your food game again. I just keep pushing it all the time. I love trying new stuff. ...That's why my Instagram is scattered ... it goes in 50 million directions because I'm always playing."

Learn more about making desserts on a Traeger on their website. For more recipes and ideas from Danielle "Diva Q" Bennett, follow her on Instagram.