This Oddly Satisfying Cheese Wheel Has Reddit Divided

If this generation has one thing down, it's endless perusing the internet. We've all fallen victim to the doom scroll and somehow lost hours of daylight because memes and useless tidbits took priority. Every now and again, we'll come across something that surprisingly relaxes us rather than speeding up our heart rate. Randomly gratifying photos, GIFs, and videos have an entire following of those that find comfort in repetitive motions that seem to put the mind at ease — just ask one of the 6 million Reddit users in the subreddit deemed "Oddly Satisfying." 

In one recent post, the girolle, which delicately shaves cheese in a circular motion, producing thin slivers, was highlighted. The gadget was designed to perfectly slice cheese to then shape and serve in creative ways. The thin cheese portions are often rolled into rosette forms, according to Delighted Cooking, making for an elegant cheese board presentation. Once Redditors got acquainted with the unique design of the cheese slicer, they had some thoughts to share. Some found the apparatus nifty while others criticized the thickness of the slices. In order to create "fluffy roses," one user commented that less pressure needs to be used when cranking the machine, or it's possible the blade was just a little dull.

Is the main purpose of a girolle to transform cheese slices into roses?

The hypnotizing cheese slicer made some Reddit users hungry while others believed it was "making an unsatisfying mess" rather than a satisfying one. Reactions were pretty divided, with the girolle making the cut on one's Christmas list and another sharing a YouTube video of it done "right." At the end of the day, the thickness of the slices is a matter of personal preference. It can be tempting for the cheese-obsessed to cut a thick slab, although a girolle is generally used for Swiss born Tête de Moine cheese, which is traditionally meant to be nibbled (via Murray's Cheese).

The cheese isn't just adored for its typical floral shapes, but its distinctive taste as well. The cheese has such a strong flavor that it's preferred in small bites, making a girolle the perfect tool for this specific cheese. The device has been Tête de Moine's trusty sidekick since it was first created in 1982 by cheese lover Nicolas Crevoisier (via Delighted Cooking). Not only does Crevoisier's creation create flawlessly thin slices of Tête de Moine, but it transforms the texture and taste.