The 'Where We Bout To Eat At' Star May Have A Restaurant Named In His Honor

Antwain Fowler was about 4-years-old when he made it big, becoming an internet sensation in 2019 when a video about him emerged on YouTube, featuring him asking his mom, "Where we bout to eat at?" It has since garnered 181,000 likes and 24,852,979 views. Unfortunately, he is making news for another and much less upbeat reason these days as his tragic passing has captured the attention of many fans and followers of the budding young talent who captured so many hearts in his short time.

According to The Star, the young boy who turned 6-years-old this year "suffered from a rare immune disorder that prevented his body from absorbing nutrients." His mother posted a heartbreaking yet loving tribute to her son on Instagram, which quoted her as saying how proud he was of his video and fame, noting, "That's all he told people he came in contact with first thing." And she is certainly not going to let people forget his name now that he is gone, with plans to open a restaurant in his name.

Antwain will be honored with a restaurant that remembers his lovable catchphrases

According to TMZ, Christina Burns, the young boy's mother, is planning to honor Antwain's memory by opening up a restaurant appropriately named "Where We Bout To Eat At," a fitting tribute to the boy who clearly loved to dine out. But, she does not plan to do so alone. As of late November, a GoFundMe page she created in March while he was hospitalized has already brought in upwards of $76,000, some of which will go to paying Antwain's hospital bills while the rest will go towards the establishment in his honor.

As BET noted, the menu will feature items with some other notable catchphrases of Antwain's like the "You Have Cheese Like Me" mozzarella sticks, in addition to "seafood, chicken, and other foods" we can only assume Burns' son loved. Hopefully her dreams of honoring him with this new spot will come to fruition and the world will continue to feel the joy he brought to them when his first video came out.