The Truth About Team Here To Sleigh From Holiday Wars: Season 3

The beginning of the holidays is a chance for many fans to catch up on new editions of some of their favorite TV shows. As some viewers might be pleased to know, Season 3 of "Holiday Wars" on Food Network launched its first episode earlier this month, exciting those who have been looking forward to seeing the delicious desserts baked by skilled chefs on the series.

Fans took to Reddit earlier this fall to discuss the show's release. One user mentioned that they didn't love the previous season and hoped that the new one would have a more harmonious vibe. They wrote, "Anything has to be better than last year's! I hate when there is drama between the contestants for holiday shows. Last year everyone haaaaaated each other and it was horrible to watch!" If Food Network's "meet the teams" post is any indication, Season 3 seems promising, with the cast full of smiling faces and talented names in the food world. These nine teams are each made up of three experienced chefs competing for the grand prize of $25,000. Here's what to know about Team Here to Sleigh, featuring Jessica Martinez-Wilson, Susana Mijares, and Sally Ontiveros.

Three bakery owners, one solid team

The stakes are definitely high on "Holiday Wars" Season 3. First up on Team Here to Sleigh is Susana Mijares, who is no stranger to culinary competitions. According to Food Network, she has previously competed on Season 2 of "Spring Baking Championship." Mijares studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and runs a pair of cake, pastry, and chocolate shops in Mexico and Texas with her husband, according to the Délice Chocolatier and Patisserie website.

Fellow contestant Sally Ontiveros is also an entrepreneur, running the Hive Bakeshop in Brunswick, Maryland, with her sister, Rebekah. Per the business' website, the two sisters have always enjoyed baking, and their store focuses on providing customers with a variety of customized cakes, macarons, breads, and more. Ontiveros studied at James Madison University and has a degree in geographic information systems. When she found out that the job prospects weren't great for her specialization, she chose to focus on her other passions, baking and tourism

Mijares and Ontiveros are joined by a third baker, Jessica Martinez-Wilson, who has a bakery called Sprinkle Me Frosted in Salt Lake City, Utah, per Instagram. Based on the photos, she is an expert in designing eye-catching, kid-friendly cakes in a variety of colors. The pro baker wrote on Facebook about how grateful she is to have been a part of the popular show. "I am so grateful and humbled for all the love and support I received from SO MANY people!" she said. Tune in to the series on Food Network to see how Team Here to Sleigh fares in the competition.