Every Sauce At Guy Fieri's Chicken Guy!, Ranked Worst To Best

Get in we're going to Flavortown, where the wave of success continues to ride high for Guy Fieri. The restauranteur and television personality is now making his food accessible to the masses with Chicken Guy! — a fast casual concept specializing in, you guessed it, fried chicken. A partnership with Robert Earl — CEO and Founder of Planet Hollywood — the chain has been a whirlwind of success and is now popping up everywhere, from its most recent openings in Gatlinburg and Nashville, Tennessee to an upcoming drive-thru in Winter Park, Florida. The menu revolves around its namesake chicken — and it's done extremely well and with great care, thanks in large part to a special brine of tangy pickle juice, fresh lemon juice, and buttermilk.

Chicken Guy! offers an incredible 22 sauces (all but three of which are gluten-free) to go along with your poultry. All are made in-house each day and were developed in-house, with the exception of the infamous Donkey Sauce that Fieri personally created and has been doling out for years. From a familiar ranch to a version of spicy peri peri, the options can be overwhelming — the chain even makes the claim you can create over 407 million saucy combinations, though that number may be of by a few million or so.  

We headed to the original Chicken Guy! location in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World to officially join the "Sauce Squad" by tasting and ranking all 22 offerings. We didn't take our responsible lightly and to level the playing field we used only the restaurant's chicken fingers as our saucy purveyors for judging. Here is how it went.

22. Spicy Mayo

Not to spoil anything, but the most shocking discovery on our journey into the saucy abyss: There were no sauces we would classify as "bad" — merely plain Jane, especially in comparison to some of the chain's more wild offerings. So it's not much of a surprise that the simple Spicy Mayo sits at the bottom of our list. From the "hot 'n' spicy" portion of their sauce menu, the creamy sauce is made from roasted red chilies, cayenne, chipotle peppers, honey and of course, mayonnaise

This was exactly what would you expect from a standard mayo-based dipping sauce. It is not a bad thing if that is what you are craving, but we had hopes to be blown away a bit with some spice, and unfortunately we just weren't getting it. The notes of honey coming through were enjoyable but overall it paled in comparison to the uniqueness of some of the other sauces on our list. 

21. Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ

We are never one to shy away from a good barbecue sauce, and because of that, we held out hope that this one would deliver in a big way. The Chicken Guy! Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ sauce, which is among the sauce "classics," features Kentucky bourbon, brown sugar, molasses, and apple cider vinegar. When we were reaching for this one, you could smell the bourbon from a mile away. As we drew it in closer to take a bite, that aroma only intensified. 

There is no other way to put it: This sauce is very, very, bourbon forward — like you could swear you may get tipsy just off of the fumes. The logo on the lid tells all — those triple X's are not playing around. The only other flavor we got from this was the apple cider vinegar. If you are a fan of the "other sauce" —  booze, to be clear — you may absolutely love this one. But for us, it was just far too overpowering.

20. Cumin Lime Mojo

We are now getting to where the fun begins on our list — and no, we are not riding the buzz we just got from the prior sauce. While Chicken Guy! offers all of our favorite, classic dips — honey mustard, ranch, bleu cheese — they have really gone all out to bring a bit of adventure to what could be a forgettable meal. And so enters Cumin Lime Mojo. This is listed under the menu's "Guy! favorites signature sauce" list and includes cumin, lime, cilantro, and roasted garlic as its ingredients.

This sauce has beautiful green hue and is very creamy with loads of specks of herbs. If you like a nice margarita from time to time, you will love this one. It is very lime forward and we were getting almost no cumin at all. The earthy warmness from the cumin could have helped balanced out the overpowering citrus flavor and brought a certain depth to the sauce. While this ultimately fell flat with only the taste of lime coming through, we saw potential here.

19. Ranchero

Part of the thrill in our challenge was getting to experience the little lids that come atop each sauce. They are unique to each offering and feature depictions of costumed chickens that embody the theme of the sauce. Listed under "Guy! favorites signature sauces," the Ranchero features roasted tomato, bell peppers, chilies, cumin, garlic, onion, cilantro — and an adorable chicken with a cactus over his head holding a bottle of sauce. What's not to love?

Once the lid was peeled off, we were met with a sauce that was a beautiful, bright red. Sadly, after a bite we found it to be a bit boring and we weren't clamoring for seconds. It was very tomato forward — and we love tomatoes — but the flavor flatlined after that. We got some pepper in there, but it seriously needed to be kicked up a notch via a one-way ticket to Flavortown. If you love the taste of roasted tomatoes and have an aversion to a ton of seasoning, this could be the sauce for you.

18. Donkey Sauce

We have now reached Donkey Sauce — yeah, that one. Over the years, it's served as both a calling card and punchline for Fieri and has been featured on the menu at his other ventures, including the now defunct Guy's American Kitchen & Bar in Times Square. In 2012, the New York restaurant met its untimely fate (not to mention mass criticism) when The New York Times quite literally ripped the Donkey a new one. (The review was written as an open letter to Fieri himself and is quite a comical read.) Dare you to try the now infamous sauce? You can at Chicken Guy!

Guy's signature sauce is made of mayo, roasted garlic, mustard, Worcestershire, and lemon. While executed well, this is really just your average aioli masquerading behind a funny name. It falls flat as a standalone dip but we think it could be better suited, and may even shine, when combined with other items, like on a Sauce Boss chicken sandwich or drizzled atop their loaded bacon fries.

17. Teriyaki

We knew we would love this one as soon as we saw the lid — it features a chicken all decked out with a Hawaiian shirt and a lei, ready for a vacation. Listed as one of the "classics," the Chicken Guy! Teriyaki features soy sauce, brown sugar, sesame, and garlic. While you may not think of teriyaki as your everyday, go-to dip for your chicken fingers, hear us out on this one. It worked, and that is because this isn't your usual teriyaki sauce. While the standard teriyaki can at times can be super thick, they nailed the texture with this version as it was very easy to dip into. 

The sauce itself wasn't overly sweet, nor did it have that aggressive stickiness you sometimes encounter. The flavor of garlic came through and worked in tandem with the sesame and brown sugar. Our taste buds were on a journey with this sauce, one we would gladly take again.  

16. Honey Mustard

We have never met a honey mustard we did not like. There is something so inherently simple, yet delicious about that combo of tangy, creamy, and sweet. Beloved by many, the fairly common dip is given the Fieri upgrade at Chicken Guy! Listed under the menu's "classics," their spin on honey mustard combines yellow mustard with mayo, honey, and lemon. 

This was an all-around solid version of the classic sauce. It hit all the right notes — maybe even had us clucking — with hints of sweetness provided by the honey and a welcome bit of freshness from the citrus of the lemon. 

This may be the best honey mustard we have ever had at a fast-casual concept. Our reason for its position on the list? There are far more interesting sauces to be found here. If you are a fan of honey mustard, you will certainly not be disappointed by this standout version.

15. Avocado Crema

This next sauce may be the first one you have encountered on this list that has you scratching your head a bit — just you wait, though. Avocado is not something commonly found on the sauce lineup at a fried chicken restaurant. But, if want to take a detour to Mexico, you have to try the avocado crema from Chicken Guy! Listed under "Guy! favorites signature sauces,"  Avocado Crema combines avocado, sour cream, cilantro, and lime. It sounds like the makings of a solid guacamole but it is then given a creamy, cool twist provided by that addition of sour cream. 

It was thinner than we had anticipated, making for a pleasant dipping experience, but still thicker than your average sauce. This was unique and worthy of a second go in our book. You also had to love the lid that featured a chicken whose head is inside of a avocado.

14. Bleu Cheese

Before you thumb your noise at bleu cheese, this one is worthy of further examination and at least a try. It would be easy to write it off while visiting Chicken Guy! in favor of something seemingly more tantalizing for the taste buds, but this is not your average bleu cheese. As part of the "classic" roster, the sauce combines crumbled bleu cheese with mayo, lemon, and sour cream. Sounds like your typical version? Wrong.

We loved that it wasn't super thick like many restaurant or bottled bleu cheeses can be. It was creamy and, dare we say, even refreshing thanks to the addition of lemon — this also did a good job of cutting through the potentially overpowering flavor profile commonly associated with the often polarizing cheese. Oddly enough, it was even light, which isn't a term conventionally used to describe a mayo-based bleu cheese. This was excellent with our chicken fingers and we think it would be dynamite generously slathered on their lineup of chicken sandwiches.

13. Habanero Hot Sauce

Our ears always perk up whenever we hear the word "habanero." The hot chili pepper is a favorite amongst spicy purists and has recently become a mainstream sensation thanks to its inclusion on sauce menus at chains across the country (we aren't afraid to admit we love the mango version from Buffalo Wild Wings). Chicken Guy! is no exception, entering the ring with their Habanero Hot Sauce. Listed under the sauce menu's "hot 'n' spicy" column, it combines fresh habaneros with vinegar, onion, and garlic.

If there was a superlative for "the sauce with the most potential," we would award that accolade to this one in a heartbeat. It was delicious, but we needed the flavor to be amped up, particularly a ton more in the habanero department. We also wished that the onion and garlic were ever more present as well. Since it is a vinegar base, we felt that we would get more of the taste if we tossed in chicken rather than dipped it ... and we were right. We coated a piece of naked grilled chicken in the hot sauce and it was simply divine.

12. Garlic Parmesan

We were really excited about Garlic Parmesan as it is listed under "Guy! favorites signature sauces" and our server mentioned that this one was her favorite (and she tries to replicate It at home frequently to no avail). The sauce is made from mayo, roasted garlic, parmesan, parsley, and black pepper. The lid is adorned with a chicken wearing a garlic clove hat and holding a hunk of parmesan (one of our favorite logos of the day!).

The consistency was absolutely perfect and overall it reminded us of a thick Caesar dressing that would work wonderfully with a vegetable platter. The roasted garlic shines through and it was very parsley forward (if that is not your thing, avoid) with a nice punch from the black pepper rounding out the flavor. While not exactly earth shattering, this was one of our favorite mayo-based sauces of the day and we praise it for its sheer versatility.

11. Buffalo

Perhaps there is no sauce more commonly associated with chicken than the mighty Buffalo. The common wing accompaniment is linked back to its namesake town in upstate New York where it debuted in the 1960s, but we have made it all our own since then. Listed under the menu's "classics," this version uses red chilies, jalapeno, garlic, onion, paprika, and vinegar.

This was a solid interpretation of the familiar sauce and featured that brightly hued red color we are familiar with. It was very vinegar forward and because of that we think this would be excellent if the chicken tenders were tossed in it — a common use of buffalo sauce — as its not inherently creamy enough to coat something evenly while dipping. We also think this would work drizzled on their loaded fries or even tossed on a fried chicken piece for their sandwiches. As far as spice goes, it didn't pack a ton of heat and was on the same level of  Frank's RedHot sauce.

10. Nashville Hot Honey

Our next one is a bit of an "it sauce" in recent times — we are talking about Nashville Hot Honey. Nashville hot chicken has catapulted to fame over the last half decade landing the once regional dish national, and even worldwide, attention. It is downright "cool" to dine on the Southern-born hot sauce. 

The sweet version at Chicken Guy! is listed under their "hot 'n' spicy" selections and uses honey, red chilies, cayenne garlic, and onion. This sauce dances on your tongue teetering on that perfect balance of thin and thick — just thick enough to coat anything it meets, yet thin enough so it is not sticky. We get just the right amount of spice at first and then before you know it the honey reels you back in. Onion and garlic shine through as well making this one of the most balanced sauces we tasted on our visit. While this was a perfect dip for our chicken fingers, dare we say there is truly nothing this sauce can't do.

9. Curry Mayo

We love a good curry mayo especially when it is served alongside a currywurst and french fries a la German street food — also know as the ultimate snack after imbibing far too much booze. This was a pleasant and unexpected mayo-forward sauce menu at Chicken Guy! Listed under their "Guy! favorite signature sauces," it combines coriander with cumin, turmeric, chili powder, garlic, lime, and mayo. Though it may seem a bit off-putting to be straight up dipping chicken in mayo, its position in our ranking is justified because it is really well done.

The cumin is ever present and that rich, earthiness was balanced out by the cooling of the mayo and lime. While we don't think we would dip chicken in it again, this would be excellent consumed with their french fries. We have to give credit where it is due and appreciate the bold move in the sauce world to combine flavors that may be otherwise be too adventurous for the typical, chicken-finger eating palate. Bravo, Chicken Guy!

8. Sweet Sriracha BBQ

Okay, friends. We are now reaching levels of sauce perfection. As we crack the top eight on our saucy adventure, we're approaching the pinnacle of what a sauce can and should be. Behold: Sweet Sriracha BBQ. Don't let the name Sriracha throw you off, because this is nothing like that bottled stuff you will find in your grocery aisle (although, there is a time and a place for it). Listed under their "hot 'n' spicy" menu, the Sweet Sriracha BBQ combines roasted red chili puree with tomato, onion, molasses, and brown sugar. This takes the heat that we love from sriracha — the roasted red chilies — and combines it with a perfect BBQ sauce. It's the ultimate ying and yang — or spicy and sweet in this case.

At first, your taste buds are hit with sweetness, but the moment is fleeting and soon you will find heat on the back end. It is a journey — and we loved it. It was hard to not go back for more helpings.

7. Chipotle Ranch

No stone has gone unturned at Chicken Guy! Therefore, no common sauce has been spared from a major upgrade in the flavor department, and that includes Chipotle Ranch. Listed under their menu of "hot 'n' spicy" sauces, it's a version of their already stellar Buttermilk Ranch (more on that to come) which sees the addition of smoked paprika and chipotle peppers. 

The addition of smoked paprika brings a welcome sweetness and slightly chargrilled pepper taste while the chipotle pepper adds some spice and just the right amount of smokiness. For the spice naysayers, don't be turned off by the addition of these ingredients. We did not find this to be in-your-face-spicy; in fact, we would not have minded if it had been kicked up a notch. This is an excellent choice for the lovers of ranch looking for a fun twist on the staple. Variety is the spice of life, after all. 

6. Lemon Pepper

Earning its position in the number six slot, Lemon Pepper is one of the best Chicken Guy! mayo-based sauces. Listed under the "classics" menu, their version combines mayo with lemon, honey, and black pepper. It may sound pretty straight forward, but it is bursting with flavor, proving that sometimes, simple is best. Before going in, you will have to free your mind from the traditional lemon pepper sauce you may be accustomed to — a sauce that rose to a cult-level following in Atlanta and combines the richness of butter with tart lemons. This is not that nor is it trying to be.

Rather, instead of a wet sauce, the Chicken Guy! version is more like a thick dip. This had just the right amount of sweetness courtesy of the honey and a welcome tang from the citrusy addition of lemon, with both of these flavors being cut through by a punch from the black pepper.

5. Buttermilk Ranch

Ranch is among the most popular condiment choices of the masses. Once reserved for the sad desk salad, it has become a bona fide lifestyle and is now used to dunk pizza in, sprinkle on popcorn, and slather on any and every sandwich. Thankfully, Chicken Guy! does justice to all the hype with an absolute standout version of the often pedestrian condiment. (Sorry, Hidden Valley!)

As part of their "classics" menu, the Chicken Guy! Buttermilk Ranch combines buttermilk, mayo, dill, chives, garlic and onion. You are first hit with the creamy, coolness of the buttermilk but soon after, the spices join in on the fun. Like a party for your mouth, the dill and chives tango together in perfect harmony making this otherwise boring condiment a shining star. We loved that the dill was especially prominent and brought an overall freshness to the sauce. We are happy to report that we don't think we have had a better ranch than this one.

4. Peri Peri

If you haven't been to the popular chain Nando's or tried the Trader Joe's version, you likely may not be familiar with peri-peri, a sauce made from its namesake pepper, also known as African bird's eye chili. Mostly grown in parts of Africa, peri-peri is a chili pepper — and close relative to the tabasco pepper — that has notes of salt, sweetness, and even sour. While the peppers only grow to about an inch in length, they bring the heat as they are typically over 20 times hotter than a jalapeno. We do not intend to scare you off with that description but rather expand your knowledge of peppers. You're welcome.

At Chicken Guy!, their version of Peri Peri falls under their "hot 'n' spicy" sauces (duh!) and combines roasted red bell peppers with chilies, garlic, onion, paprika, oregano, and lemon. If you love roasted red peppers, you will go absolutely gaga for this. The heat is almost solely on the back end while your tongue is first met with a the trifecta of sweetness, herby goodness, and a hint of savory garlic. While this is the spiciest sauce on the entire menu, we did not find it to be overbearing in any way, shape or form (note that it doesn't contain any actual peri-peri peppers). This is not only one of the most interesting sauces you'll find here, but certainly one of the best.

3. Sweet 'N' Sour

This is the one that shocked us the most. Normally, we would write off a sweet 'n' sour sauce — we might even scoff at it — in favor of something more interesting or complex in flavor. Before our visit to Chicken Guy!, this was reserved for the Asian-inspired stand at the mall's food court when our blood sugar had dropped after a massive shopping spree.

We were so glad to be wrong. At Chicken Guy!, you can find their Sweet 'n' Sour under their "classics" menu, and it contains orange, pineapple, honey, and vinegar. What a treat this was. We were first overcome by the fact that this wasn't your typical overly sweet, sugar-laden, thick sweet 'n' sour. It was lighter, and with the addition of oranges, oddly refreshing. A hint of spice came through that worked in tandem with the cooling from the honey. This is a sauce worthy of many dips and by far the best of the vinegar-based options. 

2. Special Sauce

The term "special sauce" is thrown around so much in the current restaurant landscape that it holds almost no weight to us anymore. Yes, we are a fan of that illusive sauce they are dishing at In-n-Out and we are certainly not above chowing down on a Big Mac from time to time. At Chicken Guy!, we were ready to ax this one as yet another mayo-based sauce that lacked inspiration. Boy, were we sorely mistaken.

Listed under "Guy! favorites signature sauces," their Special Sauce combines mayo with ketchup, mustard, and pickle juice along with Chicken Guy! special spices and seasonings. This was excellent and almost reminiscent of a classic Russian dressing. The pickle juice brought a welcomed level of sour to the dip that could have verged on too rich without it. We loved dunking our chicken tenders in there but this may be the most versatile dipper of the bunch as it worked with french fries, too, and we bet could hold its own against any other sauce when slathered on their buttery buns. Special it was, indeed.

1. Wasabi Honey

We were met with a bit of surprise when we proclaimed this was the sauce we were most excited to try. Apparently, the staff at Chicken Guy! are not used to our level of enthusiasm with this next one. Wasabi Honey may be the most polarizing sauce on their menu, but this proved to be the most addictive sauce of the day — the one we kept going back to for "just one more" dip. Listed under "Guy! favorites signature sauces," the sauce combines wasabi, honey, and lime. There are many reasons to turn this down before trying it — we get it, not everyone is a fan of the ever-so-popular hot honey or that glob of green served alongside your sushi.

But this had everything we loved about Nashville Hot Honey — that sweet meets heat — with even more of a kick thanks to the unique flavor of pungent spice offered by the wasabi. It was not thick, but not thin either providing the perfect level of chicken coating with every single dip. The spice of the wasabi hits for a moment, but it is fleeting. The end note is sweet and will have you singing its praises for this utterly creative sauce. This is a sleeper hit that apparently not many people want to try, but we beg you to reconsider. We discovered on our journey, that the boss of the sauce is not Fieri, but this Wasabi Honey.